Man cites problem, still faces DUI charge

A man driving a mo-ped erratically was stopped by Mount Pleasant police, and when they asked if he had any physical problems that would interfere with his ability to pass a sobriety test, he told them he was a "fat (expletive)."

According to a report, police stopped the mo-ped about 2 a.m. Nov. 22 after seeing the 49-year-old man riding in the median of the road and then turning without using a directional sign. The officer reported that the driver had a hard time maintaining control of the mo-ped and swerved into the left lane.

Police reported that they could smell the odor of alcohol on the man's breath when he told them that he was just trying to go home. The man reportedly said he drank two beers at work and had one more drink at a club.

Police asked him to take some sobriety tests, and one of them asked if he had any problems with his back or legs, to which the man replied with the expletive. After attempting the tests, the man was charged with driving under the influence second offense. He refused a breath blood alcohol test, the report says.

Clothes store reports shoplifted items

A clothing store employee reported that a woman took five shirts from the store and made a getaway in a luxury-model SUV, a Mount Pleasant police report states. The worker said she was distracted at the time because she was moving a display.

The suspect took five shirts worth $1,000 in a dressing room to try them on, the report says. Then another customer came in and wanted to try on a dress worn by a mannequin, the woman told police. The woman with the five shirts then came up and asked about a coat, and the shopkeeper said she would help her as soon as she finished helping the other customer with the dress. The woman then left the store with the five shirts in hand, hopped into the SUV and drove off, the report states.

Employee has man put on trespass notice

A woman working in a store called Mount Pleasant police and asked to have a man placed on trespass notice after they got into an argument and he called her stupid, a report states.

A woman in line accidentally dropped a bottle of nail polish onto the floor, and it shattered, splattering on the man's pant leg, a report states. The 43-year-old man asked to be reimbursed for his $84 pants. The 48-year-old woman working in the store said she couldn't give him money but would pass the information on to the corporate office, the report says. They began arguing and he called the woman stupid before leaving the store, the report states.

Police talked to the man over the phone, and he said that he didn't understand how he could be put on trespass notice. Police advised him of the trespass policy. The man asked the store video to be kept as evidence in order to pursue possible civil litigation, the report says.

Student reports 'candy gang' activity

Mount Pleasant police were called to a middle school after a student reported being beaten when he tried to leave a "candy gang," a police report states.

The boy said that he and three others created a gang. He said that the ringleader of the gang would get candy from his mother and then distribute it to gang members, who sold the candy to fellow students and gave the money back to the ring leader, the report says.

The boy told police he decided that he wanted to leave the gang and told other members of his intentions. He later entered the school restroom and was kicked and kneed to the floor by other members, the report says.

One of the students' mothers said she had been giving her son candy to sell in school. Two of the students were charged with lynching. Another mother wanted to pursue criminal charges against the boy who said he wanted to leave the gang because he allegedly assaulted her son in the bathroom, according to the report.

Both parties charged in violence case

A 52-year-old man and 39-year-old woman were charged with criminal domestic violence by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office after deputies responded to an open 911 call.

The woman told a deputy nothing was wrong and that she fell down the stairs carrying Christmas supplies, the report says. The man reportedly had various marks and scratches on his left arm and back and said the woman was the cause of them but couldn't explain how she did it.

The deputy saw a large door ripped from its hinges and asked what happened. The woman said that the man tore it down in a fit of rage, and the man blamed the woman, the report says. The deputy charged both with criminal domestic violence because the deputy couldn't determine who was the "primary aggressor," a report states. They were booked into county jail.

These news items were taken from incident reports from the Mount Pleasant Police Department and Charleston County Sheriff's Office.