The Mount Pleasant Track Club hosted eight teams from across the state Saturday in a youth cross country meet, with more than 350 participants.

In addition to Mount Pleasant Track Club, other teams participating included the Summerville Thunderbolts, Charleston Swamp Foxes, PIES, The Storm from Columbia, Florence Track Club, Midlands Surge out of Columbia and Myrtle Beach Track Club.

“It was a perfect day for a race,” said coach Tami Dennis of the Mount Pleasant Track Club.

The meet is one of a few practice events on the schedule preparing the athletes for the Junior Olympic State Meet, which will be held Nov. 10 at Wannamaker Park and will be hosted by the Mount Pleasant vlub.

The results from the meet by age group are:

Girls Sub-bantam 2K (8 and under): Ally Dominiak, MPTC, 9:28; Grace Mathis, Thunderbolts, 9:46; Miranda Woolridge, city of Charleston, 9:55; Jazmin Barnwell, The Storm, 9:55.3; Westley Hood, city of Charleston, 10:01; Kayland Jackson, Midlands Surge, 10:15; Elizabeth Meis, MPTC, 10:33; Carolyn Rychener, The Storm, 10:38.

Boys Sub-bantam 2K (8 and under): Hadley Shaw, MPTC, 9:05; Alex Foster, Florence, 9:08; Michael Donoho, MPTC, 9:08.8; Ryan Spychalski, MPTC, 9:14; Wiley Tschantz, MPTC, 9:14.3; Robbie Street, MPTC, 9:25; Zane Morris, Florence, 9:30; Jacob Cartright, Florence, 9:33.

Bantam Girls 3K (9-10): Nandi Perez, Myrtle Beach, 12:41; Quinna Muthard, MPTC, 12:43; Serena Elias, Myrtle Beach, 13:11; Maggie Jones, Midlands Surge, 13:53; Mary Tindall, Florence, 14:00; Chloe Berda, MPTC, 14:20; Sofia Henderson, The Storm, 14:39; Mia Dunn, Thunderbolts, 14:43.

Bantam Boys 3K (9-10): Andrew DeArellano, MPTC, 12:33; Jack Banner, Florence, 12:38; Gage Kennington, city of Charleston, 12:49; Christopher Garcia, PIES, 13:03; Walker Lily, Florence, 13:15; Quinn Dewitt, city of Charleston, 13:22; Justin Chan, Florence, 13:35; Jason Albach, city of Charleston, 13:45.

Midget Girls 3K (11-12): Lauren Henderson, The Storm, 11:49; Carly Hall, MPTC, 12:33; Kate Kuisel, MPTC, 12:40; Rachel Walmet, MPTC, 13:14; Grace Strickland, Midlands Surge, 13:53; Kendall Lamont, MPTC, 14:02; Lily Houpe, MPTC, 14:18; Shannon Rychener, The Storm, 14:39.

Midget Boys 3K (11-12): Noah Spencer, MPTC, 11:06; Patrick Spychalski, MPTC, 11:23; Palmer Haigler, MPTC, 11:23; Ben McElveen, MPTC, 11:25; Jackson Odell, city of Charleston, 12:17; Holden Jenkins, MPTC, 12:28; Zachary Mathis, Thunderbolts, 12:30; Coleman Devaney, The Storm, 12:35.

Youth Girls 4K (13-14): Meagan Caraway, MPTC, 18:00; Raena Burns, MPTC, 18:25; Jamie Kase, MPTC, 19:26; Hanna Kent, MPTC, 19:42; Taylor Arent, MPTC, 19:52; Maddie Pauldine, MPTC, 20:29; Raegan Reeder, Thunderbolts, 21:22; Reilly Marshall, MPTC, 21:23.

Youth Boys 4K (13-14): Bradley Sanders, MPTC, 15:28; Keegan Green, MPTC, 16:00; Clay Cavanaugh, MPTC, 16:02; Zach Davis, MPTC, 16:38; Lucas Harvin, city of Charleston, 16:58; Riley Goldberg, MPTC, 17:22; Jack Walker, MPTC, 17:40; Brendan Fitzpatrick, MPTC, 18:07.

Intermediate Girls 4K (15-16): Elsa Cline, MPTC, 21:50; Winnie Savage, Thunderbolts, 23:25; Megan Pirkel, Thunderbolts, 25:35.

Young Men 4K (17-18): Dillon Faust, MPTC, 17:50; Tyler Fagan, Florence, 19:12.