Magazine events coordinator enjoys perks of travel, culture

Christi Hibbits (right) of Mount Pleasant, events manager and assistant to the president of Garden & Gun magazine, helps unfurl a banner while setting up for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Marion Square. At left is Harrison Gilchrist, club director for Garden & Gun.


What kind of job pays you to be present at all the great Lowcountry events and happenings, and to travel to all the best places, events and festivals nationwide?

Christi Hibbits' job does. She keeps her bags packed for Garden & Gun magazine and helps the rapidly growing publication on Southern culture and lifestyle gain readers from coast to coast. Hibbits, 34, is events manager and assistant to Rebecca Darwin, president and CEO of Indigo Acquisition LLC, the media company that owns Garden & Gun.

The mom of a 2-year-old, "with another one on the way," Hibbits and her husband, Jack, live in Mount Pleasant. Before joining Garden & Gun more than four years ago, Christi Hibbits worked for Out of Hand, described on its web page as "a small and unique lifestyle shop in the heart of the Old Village of Mount Pleasant."

Hibbits said her time with Out of Hand helped hone her skills and knowledge about Southern living and lifestyles. And though the magazine's name may seem a little odd to the uninitiated, the publication's colorful images and text share Southern culture, architecture, sports, food, music, art, history, beauty, literature and personalities with the nation, she explained.

Hibbits said the magazine has subscribers in all 50 states and a circulation of 250,000. It is proving to be popular in states far from Spanish moss and oyster roasts, she noted.

Perhaps surprisingly, "California is our No. 11 state" in subscriptions, she said.

The publication's web page describes it as a magazine "that's all about the magic of the new South. ... It espouses a strong conservation ethic that grows out of its connection to the land, and it reveals the beauty of the South."

Hibbits said she enjoys sharing the magazine's message nationwide, and being with the people she works with. Especially attractive about her job, she says, are the opportunities to travel coast to coast in support of the magazine, and a rapidly growing Garden & Gun Club. She's ready "year-round" to hit the road, she added. The Garden & Gun Club has about 3,000 members, club Director Harrison Gilchrist said.

Hibbits' job has taken her to the Kentucky Derby, a fly-fishing tournament in North Carolina and marksmanship competition in Georgia. But more recently, she was working locally, helping to set up the magazine's Marion Square tent at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition.

"This is our fifth year at the festival," Hibbits said. Festivals like this one are seen by the magazine's promoters as ideal opportunities for growth. The magazine started planning for this year's festival as soon as the tent was taken down after last year's event.

When not traveling, Hibbits said, she enjoys relaxing with her family.

The magazine can be reached at 795-1195 or http://gardenand