Hagood a top cancer fundraiser

Nancy Hagood with dad Ben Hagood.

Nancy Hagood loves to sail. She grew up sailing with her Sullivan's Island family and has been racing since she was 11.

While a student at Ashley Hall, she competed on their high school sailing team and is now a sophomore on the Georgetown University team. One of the many regattas she has participated in since 2005 is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's annual Leukemia Cup Regatta. The LCR is a combination racing/fundraising event.

This year's event, held in October, had a deeper meaning to Hagood and her family. Her father, Ben Hagood, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in November 2010. Two weeks later, he began a yearlong treatment process. Velcade, one of the drugs used in her father's treatment, was developed by LLS-funded researchers. Raising money for the 2011 Leukemia Cup Regatta was a way for her to help in the fight against blood cancer. Her boat and team, Mongo, raised more than $45,000 -- $40,000 of that through Nancy Hagood's efforts.

Team Mongo won its races and the fundraising efforts claimed the Leukemia Cup award for the boat as well as top individual fundraiser for Hagood. She recently was presented the National LCR Top Individual Fundraising award at the New York Yacht Club for her fundraising efforts.

Although her college duties kept her from attending the ceremony, she was recognized by Gary Jobson, World Cup winner and national LCR spokesman, for her distinction among other sailors throughout the United States.