Grand Prix series offers training for swimmers

Swimmers wait to take their places as other swimmers finish a heat at the Mount Pleasant Swim Club Grand Prix 1 meet held Saturday at Park West. More than 220 swimmers 13 and under from Mount Pleasant, Charleston and Myrtle Beach competed in the meet.

The area’s swimming development program is growing fast. For the first time since the Mount Pleasant Swim Club Grand Prix series began in 2008, the number of participants forced meet officials to add an afternoon session for the MPSC Grand Prix 1 event held at Park West.

More than 220 young swimmers from Mount Pleasant, Charleston and Myrtle Beach, joined by family members and friends, participated in the first of five events, many competitors hoping to post a fast enough time to qualify for the state meet.

“The idea is that young kids get to develop their skills and be part of year-round swimming,” said Mount Pleasant age group coach John Lupton.

Boys and girls were from three teams: Mount Pleasant Swim Club Manatees, Southern Marlin Racing Team from Charleston and Riptides Swim Club of Myrtle Beach.

Lupton said the Coastal Aquatic Club from Myrtle Beach will participate in future meets.

The competition was held in three age groups: 8-under, 10-under and 13-under, with 881 entries for a total of 32 events.

Mount Pleasant and Charleston share the series, with Mount Pleasant hosting meets 1, 3 (Dec. 1) and 5 (Feb. 23-24) at Park West and Charleston hosting meets 2 (Nov. 3) and 4 (Jan. 5) at the W.L. Stephens Aquatic Center in West Ashley.

Girls 8-under

25 freestyle: Eliza Ford, SMRT, 16.07; Hannah Grover, SMRT, 16.79; Kendal Chunn, MPSC, 17.04; Mara Goodrich, MPSC, 17.04.

25 backstroke: Eliza Ford, SMRT, 20.45; Hannah Grover, SMRT, 21.03; Mara Goodrich, MPSC, 21.07

25 breaststroke: Eliza Ford, SMRT, 23.31; Halle Schart, MPSC, 23.58; Mara Goodrich, MPSC, 23.82.

25 butterfly: Hannah Grover, SMRT, 19.60; Eliza Ford, SMRT, 19.62; Mara Goodrich, MPSC, 19.99.

Girls 10-under

50 freestyle: Gabi Reed, MPSC, 29.68; Kaitlin Healy, MPSC, 29.75; Melanie Rapach, MPSC, 31.64.

100 freestyle: Peyton McWhorter, RSC, 1:26.27.

50 backstroke: Gabi Reed, MPSC, 34.14; Melanie Rapach, MPSC, 35.90; Kaitlin Healy, MPSC, 37.39.

50 breaststroke: Melanie Rapach, MPSC, 39.19; Kaitlin Healy, MPSC, 40.64; Riley Norris, MPSC, 41.15.

50 butterfly: Gabi Reed, MPSC, 32.27; Melanie Rapach, MPSC, 34.20; Kaitlin Healy, MPSC, 35.05.

100 individual medley: Logan Faust, SMRT, 1:34.49; Peyton McWhorter, RSC, 1:42.73.

Girls 13-under

100 freestyle: Emma Ludman, MPSC, 1:02.67; Jenna Sulkowski, MPSC, 1:07.06; Grace Lady, MPSC, 1:07.19.

200 freestyle: Makenna Baldwin, MPSC, 2:14.00; Chelsea Savage, MPSC, 2:17.27; Grace Lady, MPSC, 2:25.25.

100 breaststroke: Emma Ludman, MPSC, 1:20.94; Sarah Feingold, MPSC, 1:21.73; Hailey Turk, MPSC, 1:25.41.

50 butterfly: Elysse Pardus, MPSC, 32.21; Chelsea Savage, MPSC, 33.10; Grace Lady, MPSC, 33.17.

200 individual medley: Emma Ludman, MPSC, 2:34.20; Makenna Baldwin, MPSC, 2:38.43; Anna Warwick, MPSC, 2:54.42.

Boys 8-under

25 freestyle: Colin Ryan, MPSC, 17.52; Ethan Hubert, SMRT, 18.42; Rhett Andrews, SMRT, 18.51.

25 backstroke: Rhett Andrews, SMRT, 21.77; Matthew Sulkowski, MPSC, 23.56; Will Agostinelli, MPSC, 23.92.

25 breaststroke: Colin Ryan, MPSC, 22.77; William Slowey, MPSC, 24.33; Rhett Andrews, SMRT, 26.27.

25 butterfly: Colin Ryan, MPSC, 21.69; Rhett Andrews, SMRT, 22.02; Matthew Sulkowski, MPSC, 23.02.

Boys 10-under

50 freestyle: Liam Ryan, MPSC, 32.65; Matthew Gush, MPSC, 33.52; Cal Frame, MPSC, 34.16.

100 freestyle: Joshua Adams, MPSC, 1:10.67; Eric Beaver, SMRT, 1:27.27; Connor Campbell, RSC, 1:32.00.

50 backstroke: Joshua Adams, MPSC, 36.73; Liam Ryan, MPSC, 38.38; Evan Conway, MPSC, 42.07.

50 breaststroke: Liam Ryan, MPSC, 43.69; Cal Frame, MPSC, 43.84; Matthew Gush, MPSC, 46.27.

50 butterfly: Joshua Adams, MPSC, 36.68; Liam Ryan, MPSC, 39.45; Matthew Gush, MPSC, 40.27.

100 individual medley: Joshua Adams, MPSC, 1:21.95; Andrew Hebert, SMRT, 1:59.49.

Boys 13-under

100 freestyle: Collin Buckhannon, MPSC, 1:02.85; Carter Rose, MPSC, 1:06.69; Connor Young, MPSC, 1:08.80.

200 freestyle: Carter Rose, MPSC, 2:22.16; Ashton Buckhannon, MPSC, 2:22.16; Tyler Barrett, unaffiliated; 2:25.68.

50 backstroke: Ashton Buckhannon, MPSC, 34.29; Collin Buckhannon, MPSC, 35.21; Tyler Barrett, unaffiliated, 35.38.

100 breaststroke: Collin Buckhannon, MPSC, 1:20.41; Tyler Barrett, unaffiliated, 1:29. 65; Ashton Buckhannon, MPSC, 1:29.98.

50 butterfly: Collin Buckhannon, 30.56; Tyler Evans, MPSC, 31.37; Jonny Bott, MPSC, 33.01.

200 individual medley: Carter Rose, MPSC, 2:45.68.