Goose Creek recognizes staff

Pictured (standing in front, from left) are Rodger Spencer, Lyndora Jenkins, Simeon Abdon, Goose Creek Mayor Michael Heitzler, Brett Charpia, Amanda McGhee, Carrie Stika and Micah Fogle. Members of City Council are standing in the back.

The city of Goose Creek recently recognized its employees during a City Council meeting.

Each year, City Council recognizes employees and volunteers for their hard work and dedication.

This year, the following employees and volunteers were recognized:

2013 City Investigator: Micah Fogle.

Golf Department: Brett Charpia.

Department of Public Works: Rodger Spencer.

Administration Department: Lyndora Jenkins.

Recreation Department: Carrie Stika.

Fire Department: Simeon Abdon.

Police Department Civilian: Amanda McGhee.

Two volunteers also were recognized at the event. Chaplain Bill Thompson was named the Police Department’s Volunteer of the Year, and Tom Risso was named Volunteer Board Member of the Year.