Chris Campeau

Birth date, place: October 1967 in Bermuda.

Residence: Summerville.

Occupation: Landscape architect, SeamonWhiteside + Associates, Mount Pleasant.

Family: Wife, Lorelei; boys, Jordan, 9, and Jackson, 8; and daughter, Lily, 5.

Education: Bachelor's degree in landscape architecture from Mississippi State University and a postbaccalaureate certificate in community and economic development from Penn State.

Things I do in my spare time: Volunteer for the Summerville Miracle League, participate in barbecue competitions and play with the kids.

First job: Pizza Inn, the summer as a high school senior.

Something important life has taught me: Life is short and I am blessed, be happy.

Accomplishment of which I am most proud: Getting married to the most wonderful, positive person in the world, my wife, Lorelei.

favorite ways to relax or de-stress: Yoga, cooking and gardening.

East Cooper needs: Commuter rail to the North Area.

If I could be a cartoon star, it would be: Jerry, the little mouse of "Tom and Jerry."

best compliment I received lately: My children are beautiful, intelligent and well-adjusted.

what brightens my day: The yell of "Daddy" when I walk in the door, the pocket of hugs and kisses my little girl gives me to take with me, and gourmet meals my wife prepares.