Creative Writing students to be feted at Carnegie Hall

Scholastic Art and Writing award winners from School of the Arts (from left) are Grace Collins, Clare McTighe, Aurelyn Van Kirk, Sterling Windham, Zoe Abedon, Maddie DePuy, Eli Braddock, Madison Harden, Julia Goller, Carson Peadon, Graham Crolley and Cora Schipa. Not pictured are Emily Shorter and Harris Lynam.

Students from the Charleston County School of the Arts creative writing major will be recognized nationally in New York City.

Fourteen middle and high school students will be distinguished by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards during a May 31 ceremony at Carnegie Hall in their honor. Last year’s keynote address was delivered by Meryl Steep.

Also while in Manhattan, they will attend workshops presented by publications such as The New York Times and Rolling Stone magazine.

Several students received more than just a gold or silver medal. Grace Collins, a senior, received the New York Life Scholarship for her work that addresses grief and the grieving process. This award carries with it $1,000 to be used for the college of her choice.

Cora Schipa and Emily Shorter are designated Best Writers in the entire country. Schipa received the best-in-grade for fiction, and Shorter received the best-in-grade award for fiction. These awards are particularly special because only one is given at each grade level per year from the thousands of stories submitted from all over the United States.

This is the third year in a row an SOA student has received the best-in-grade award and the first ever by two in the same year.

Award winners in each grade:

12th: Grace Collins.

11th: Harris Lynam.

10th: Zoe Abedon and Graham Crolley.

Ninth: Julia Goller and Maddie DePuy.

Eighth: Clare McTighe, Sterling Windham, Madison Harden, Emily Shorter and Aurelyn Van Kirk.

Seventh: Carson Peadon, Cora Schipa and Eli Braddock.