Community raises funds for Cane Bay

Students at Cane Bay Elementary have plenty of ways to play, thanks to $29,000 in new playground equipment, donated by the school’s PTA and DADS Club. Pictured (from left ) are Val Gold; Nicole Redlich, CBE PTA president; Todd Rabineau; April Rabineau; Principal Diane White; John Merlino; Mike DeSanto; and Steve Baxter, CBE DADS Club president.

The Cane Bay Elementary community takes playtime seriously, and they have spent the past two years working hard to prove it.

The efforts of the Cane Bay Elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Dads Always Dedicated Club (DADS) and the school’s staff have culminated in $29,000 being donated for new playground equipment for students.

Through a two-year fundraising effort that included collecting membership dues, personal donations and fundraising activities, such as Valentine’s Day grams, Spirit Day T-shirts, restaurant nights and box top collections, the Cane Bay PTA contributed $19,000 toward the equipment.

The Dads Always Dedicated Club sponsored its own fundraising efforts to include movie nights, pizza nights and a well-attended fall festival, which helped to contribute another $6,000. The school’s students, faculty and staff also participated in the cause, selling Fun Saver Books that helped raise another $4,000.

The funds were used to install additional equipment in both the pre-school and elementary playgrounds.

“We understand that our students need calorie-burning, brain-boosting, community-building, fun-producing playgrounds to grow physically and mentally,” said PTA Vice President April Rabineau. “Without the support of the wonderful students, staff, parents, grandparents and friends of Cane Bay Elementary, our school would not have had such a successful outcome.”

The Cane Bay Elementary PTA and DADS Club volunteer activities go beyond fund-raising for the school. Their work includes experiences for the students, with activities such as an annual Fall Carnival, Spirit Day celebrations and monthly duty-free lunches for teachers.

Parents are encouraged to join both groups. For information on the PTA, contact Crystal Martinez at 482-0152. For information on the DADS Club, contact Steve Baxter at 697-5485.