Punch unexpected for 'cartoon' character

A man walking downtown at 2 a.m. acting like the "Futurama" TV show's cartoon lobster character, "Dr. Zoidberg," was punched in the face, according to a Charleston police report.

The 22-year-old man, who had a chipped tooth and possible broken nose, drove himself to a hospital, the report says.

The man told police he was "just playing around" Feb. 11 near King and Calhoun streets when he began imitating Zoidberg. The report says the 22-year-old described Zoidberg as "a lobster doctor that walks sideways with his claws out and makes noise."

When "Zoidberg" passed another man on the street, the other man reportedly asked, "What did you say to me?" The 22-year-old's friends pulled him away from the man, "telling him, 'keep going, he said nothing to you,' " according to the report.

The man reportedly followed for about 20 feet and threw the punch. The alleged assailant, who is known by the 22-year-old, reportedly ran away, the report states.

The report says the 22-year-old told officers he wants to press charges.

Police say driver blew 0.22 when tested

After allegedly driving his car into another vehicle while going the wrong way on a busy one-way Market Area street, a driver blew a 0.22 for blood alcohol after being stopped and breath-tested, a Charleston report says.

An officer on foot yelled to the driver and shined his flashlight at him as the car passed by about 3 a.m. Feb. 12, the report says. The car kept going, and although it swerved to avoid a head-on collision, still struck the side of the other car.

"I ran behind the vehicle and hit the trunk with my hand several times to stop the vehicle," which was about to hit a taxi cab, the officer wrote.

After being stopped, the driver of the wrong-way car exhibited slurred speech, smelled of alcohol and was barely able to stand, the report says.

He was charged with driving under the influence, breath-tested at police headquarters and taken to the Charleston County Detention Center, the report says.

Girl accused of hitting teacher, police report

A student who was told she must wait with the rest of her class to go to the library tried to go without permission and punched the teacher who advised her to wait, a Charleston police report says.

The report says the 16-year-old girl on the afternoon of Feb. 1 asked her teacher for permission to go to the library.

The teacher reportedly told her she could go later with the class.

The girl attempted to leave the classroom anyway, and when the teacher tried to stop her, "She turned around and punched him in the face below the left eye with a closed fist," the report reads.

Police charged the girl with assault on school property and released her to the custody of her mother, the report says.

A punch in the eye no party for teenager

After being "punched in the left eye for no reason" while at a party on Johns Island, a 19-year-old man tried to find out who was responsible.

The victim stated he never saw who punched him "and no one at the party would tell him," the Charleston County Sheriff's Office report reads.

A deputy, who noted the victim's eye was "swollen and completely closed," took the names of possible suspects, the report says.

'North Carolina' walk delayed by arrest

When asked for his ID, a man who smelled of alcohol and who had been described as walking down the street spitting on cars and kicking them attempted to give an officer money, a Charleston police report says.

The 21-year-old man, who purportedly had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech when questioned in the Market Area, replied, "North Carolina," when asked where he was going, according to the report.

Police charged him with public drunkenness and took him at the Charleston County Detention Center, the report says.

One hit-and-run leads to another, report says

After a collision between a car and an SUV in a parking lot, the SUV driver stepped out, "appeared very unsteady on her feet," returned to her vehicle, struck a shopping cart while backing up and fled, a Charleston police report says.

Police were unable to locate the SUV or the driver, the report says. Damage to the car is estimated at $500.

Police report open beer held out of car

Holding an open beer out of the window of a parked car is likely to draw the attention of any police who are nearby, a man has learned.

According to a Charleston report, officers patrolling under a bridge in West Ashley saw such a scene, and when conducting an interview and search determined the man was wanted by the Charleston County Sheriff's Office, and that he had a bag of marijuana in his clothing.

The man was taken to the Charleston County Detention Center to be served a warrant and was charged with simple possession of marijuana, the report states.

These items are taken from incident reports from Charleston police, Folly Beach Public Safety Department and the Charleston County Sheriff's Office.