Academic Year in America (AYA) is looking for Charleston area families to play host to Chinese students.

This year, AYA is bringing highly qualified Chinese high school students to the U.S. to learn about American culture while living with volunteer host families and studying at high schools across the nation. Charleston area families have the opportunity to learn about the Chinese culture during this exchange.

While Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world, it is just now starting to make inroads in U.S. schools. Many schools are unable to meet the growing demand for Mandarin Chinese, prompting parents to pursue other venues for this exposure.

With many students available, AYA can help families find the ideal student for their home. For families looking to learn more about the Chinese culture or language, hosting a student is a fantastic way to experience China without leaving home.

Students are ages 15 to 18 and arrive with full medical insurance, spending money, and the hopes of experiencing life in America through the eyes of a host family. The students stay with their host for five or 10 months and attend the local high school.

To learn more about hosting a Chinese exchange student with AYA, call Danielle at (800) 322-4678, ext. 5164 or e-mail Visit AYA on the web at www.