Linda Ketner

Linda Ketner

Over the 32 years I have known Mayor Joe Riley, I have heard him say one thing time after time: “Linda, it’s the right thing to do.”

So simple, such an elegant phrase ... with so much more behind it. Integrity, character, decency. This man, our gift, the gift to generations far, far beyond us ... measures what to do not by what polls say, not by what is personally or politically expedient; he measures what to do by, “Is it the right thing?”

People with smaller visions than Mayor Riley have smaller concepts of “the right thing,” but Mayor Riley’s vision is long term and it’s inclusive. It includes not only personal excellence; but also, his unflinching belief in the worth, dignity, participation and value of every citizen to make a difference.

He paced us, he led us, he made the city and us change; and, he blessed us with his elegant ethos: “It’s the right thing to do.”

May we honor that going forward.