Kindergartners could help great-grandmother warm home

Julia is an 87-year-old widow who suffers from diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. She lives with her granddaughter and three great-granddaughters in an older home.

Winter officially arrives today, and Julia is anticipating a rise in her gas and electric bills as colder weather sets in. She is worried that she will not be able to pay these bills this month and next.

Your contribution, along with $707.60 from the children at First (Scots) Presbyterian kindergarten, can help a local agency provide the needed funds to keep Julia and her family warm and comfortable in their home this winter.

Donations to The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are Catholic Charities, Carolina Youth Development Center, Lowcountry Food Bank, Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission and the Association for the Blind. There are no administrative costs involved, and every cent of the money raised goes directly to the agencies.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at

To be listed in the paper by Christmas Day, contributions must be received in our office by noon today.


The children at First (Scots) Presbyterian Kindergarten $707.60

For a great team from Gayle Smith $50.00

The Stone Family $150.00

Thankful for our seven healthy and happy granchildren Christina, Anna, Will and Sarah McCorkle and Ashton, Alex and Avery Horton from your loving grandparents Bill and Dianne Horton $50.00

Merry Christmas Rosie $25.00

In honor of John and Valerie Bozzelli from the employees of Bozzelli Heating and Air $325.00

For Mark Stenstrom from the employees at Stenstrom and Associates $300.00

John and Monica Hammonds $50.00

Faculty and staff of Fort Johnson Middle School $263.00

In honor of Lottie C. Cordray $25.00

In appreciation of Dr. William Wilson, Norma, Tina and all at Mt. Pleasant Family Practice $25.00

In appreciation of Dr. Austin Ball, Dana, Betty and staff $25.00

In appreciation of Dr. Archibald Hampton $25.00

The Alpha Circle of the International Order of the Kings Daughters and Sons in Charleston, SC $25.00

Donald and Heather McDonough $50.00

Leatrice Lutz $20.00

Old Village Walkie Talkies $150.00

In Jesus’ name $200.00

Donald and Christine Burton $10.00

Marie Usher $100.00

To the glory of God and in joyful thanksgiving for our grandchildren Mary Banks High, Beau High, Anne Lewis High and Michael Runey V $100.00

Charleston Executive Womens Board, Inc. $250.00

In honor of David, Jill, Thomas, and Nora Torbett $100.00

Quis Qui Auxiliary, Past and Present $100.00

Snee Farm Hot Peppers Tennis Team $235.00

Ginny and Paul Johnston $50.00

Royall Hardware, Inc., in the names of Robinson Builders LLC, Shem Creek Bar & Grill, Atkinson Pools & Spas, Daniel Berryman, Hill Construction, Caliber Construction, James E. Poore IV, Thomas D. Kisling Sr., Will Brock Construction and Tuk & Pherigo, Inc. $1,000.00

Employees of Summerville CPW $100.00

Marge Bannon and Steve Poe $100.00

In honor of my parents Col. and Mrs. William Adams from Susan Squillace Jones $25.00

In honor of the fans, staff and players of the Charleston Battery $1,000.00

In honor of the guests and staff of The Hampton Inn, Daniel Island $1,000.00

In honor of the customers and staff of McCrady’s $1,000.00

In honor of the customers and staff of Queen Anne’s Revenge Restaurant $1,000.00

In honor of the customers and staff of Husk Restaurant $1,000.00

In honor of our grandchildren Erin and Carter Rose. Love, Gam-Gam and Pop-Pop $50.00

In honor of the Class of 1946 Memminger High School $46.00

In thanks for good doctors, Roper nursing staff and St. Jude’s pacemaker $100.00







Jack and Lena Doscher $100.00

Cotillion d’ Nouveau: Les Buckrah Ball $25.00

Micheael, Linda and Julia Miller $100.00

Ben and Marianne Albrecht $100.00

Jim and Joye Wall (local) $50.00

Cynthia S. Deaton (local) $25.00


Hal Svendsen, Aunt Resa, Uncle Virgil and Virginia $25.00

Andy Partridge $250.00

William Middleton, MD $25.00

Harper Drolet from Gayle Smith $25.00

Bobby and Rosa Burnet Oliveros, Robert Lovell Oliveros Jr., John and Ruth Zimmerman King and Judy and Gus $300.00

Paul and Evelyn Horton and Dub and Dee Jeffords brom Bill and Dianne Horton $50.00

My Dad, my hero $25.00

My friend, Bob Bott $25.00

In honor of Grumpy and Grandmoo from Conner Fersner $25.00

Our son, Kirk Sheridan Kessler $200.00

In honor of our service men and women and memory of those who died $350.00

Bonney Hipp, Joyce and Charley Hipp, Bill Pridgen, Lisa and John Gantt, Charley Hipp Jr. and Edith Breyer $100.00

Nicholas and our parents $100.00

Anthony L. Olasov, our beloved son $100.00

Johnnie W. Cordray $25.00

Pep and Winnie Cordray $25.00

Our son Freddy Stuhr and Sarah’s parents Allen and Virginia Legare $200.00

William A. Cawley $50.00

Dr. Richard Brock from Judy, Lucy and Sara $100.00

Doris Gettelfinger $100.00

T. Keith Marshall Jr. and T. Keith Marshall III $100.00

Our mother and father Joseph and Mary Lucin Gatch $50.00

Matthew E. Murphy III $25.00

WPG and TEW $100.00

All my loved ones from Martha W. Singleton $50.00

Margaret Dailey $150.00

Robert Raymond $25.00

My parents William F. and Francina T. Cisa, Granny Cisa, Uncle Joe, Uncle Arthur and Aunt Estelle and Uncle Russell $100.00

Friends $100.00

My father Ronald G. Rebl Sr. $50.00

Lois and Billy Sander and Larry and Chuck Seithel from Joan $50.00

Frank Rhett Sr. and Frank Rhett Jr. $100.00

B.J. Vickers from the First Thursday Lunch Bunch $220.00

Gina Scalise $100.00

Lawrence and Phyllis Walker $250.00

Two Spaniel dogs “Bronco Billy” and “Baron Ashley Rhett” by C.C.S. $20.00

Capt. W.B. “Mash” Seabrook and wife Mrs. Mary Seabrook by C.C.S. $50.00

“Tugboat Men” Capt. Olin Jackson, Capt. John Jackson, Capt. Ernest Baggott, Capt. Geo. Furman Baggott, Capt. John S. Waters, Capt. “Rusty” Mitchum, Ch. Eng. Cleo Summersett, Ch. Eng. Calvin Summersett, Ch. Eng. James H. Sistare and Ch. Eng. Samuel T. “Jackie” Jackson by C.C.S. $100.00

Clinton L. Hughes from Amanda Griffith $100.00

Mom, Dad, Ron and Arlene $100.00

Betty St. Laurent and Betty Owens from Monday Night Bridge Club: Linda Burbage, Kathy Burbage, Nena Chakeris, Theo Dougherty, Eleanor Huggins, Carole Mims, Jane Martin, Betsy Reidenbach and Helen Theos $100.00

Friends: Joe Bishop, Henry Conner, Bob Bott, C.C. Pearce, Julian Buxton, Dick Luke, Joe Frank Garner, Ashton Phillips, Buddy Rumble, Graham Smith and Arden Lemon $200.00

Our sons Dan Hundley and Jamie Richards, with love $250.00

WJH from WJH, Jr. and JMH $123.45

Clifton O. Widner Jr. and Clifton O. Widner III $20.00

Friends gone on Michael Storen, Frank Rhett, Steve Attaway, David Hewitt, Tersh Lynch, Salley Hollings, Stewart Walker, Stuart Barnwell, Colleen Evans, Harvey Poole, Mr. Burbage, Russ Kuritz, Ralph Hoisington and Harold Newton from CT $20.11

Charlie, Dick Warner, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Jones Sr., and Uncle Frank from Marcia and Bubba $200.00

PopBoo $100.00

Ray Jeffcoat $20.00

My husband Dewey Cowart. Love, Patsy $100.00

Napoleon, Emperor of the French $25.00

Loved ones of the Wilkes and Missel families $50.00

Sassy The Cat $100.00

Our daughter Stacy $100.00

Elizabeth (Betty) Thompson $50.00

Jeremy Vann by his fifth-grade teacher, Miss Scott $25.00

Blackie and Candy, my two best friends $20.00

Bob and Willie Wheeless $47.00

Charles S. Sutton and Georgia Mae Jordan $100.00

David Brekke, beloved brother and uncle $200.00

Dr. Julian R. Harrison $100.00

My husband Paul Cote $50.00

Louise and Walter Kruger Sr., Walter Kruger Jr., Lawrence Kruger, Victor and Peggy Salvo, Larry Burmester, Bob and Ursula Kaiser and Amanda Kaiser $100.00

Buddy Donald, Lewis Pickens, Al Johnston, Eddie Young, Bill Kulseth, Bill Wheeler, Warren Lear, Bobby Varn, Jim Woods and George Aimar $100.00

Richard Squillace from Susan Squillace Jones $25.00

Betsy McCrady Lesesne McAdams $1000.00

Our parents Lorraine and Jeff Kinsey and James A. Wall with love $75.00

Our grandson Phil Jones. Love, Ed and Hilda Rose $25.00

My two brothers and sister-in-law $25.00

Kathryn Rivers $100.00

Ella and Ford Rivers and Nell $50.00

Louise and Alfred Dufour and Affie $50.00

My best buddy Julie $50.00

Beth Wieters $25.00

Dr. Robert S. Cathcart III from his wife Mimi, son Robert S. Cathcart IV and daughter Elizabeth C. Grubbs and her family $20.00

TODAY’S TOTAL $18,342.16

PREVIOUS TOTAL $170,679.79

YEAR TO DATE $189,021.95

LAST YEAR TO DATE $223,756.43