Huge puddles of rain covered the hopscotch court at the Children's Museum of the Lowcountry on Saturday, but that didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the dozens of children who were ready to play.

Saturday was the City of Charleston's "Day of Play," a community celebration that was held in conjunction with Nickelodeon's eighth annual Worldwide Day of Play. An afternoon of playing hopscotch was one of several events scheduled throughout the day.

Even though the rain had stopped and the sun was shining brightly, museum staffer Jina Johnson knew she had to do something other than hopscotch. So she led the children outside to a grassy area.

"Who wants a free jump rope?" Johnson said, as she passed out jump ropes provided by Nickelodeon.

She lined the children up in two teams and explained they were going to have a relay race. The idea was for a child from each team to jump rope down to the other end of the field and back to the starting line, touch the next racer, and so on, until the entire team had completed the race.

Well some of them jumped rope. Many more did not. Some just ran like the wind, but all of them had fun.

Earlier in the day, a parachute play event went off with no trouble, Johnson said. It was also held outside, but it had not yet rained so the area was pretty dry.

Other events in the Day of Play included a community walk across the Ravenel Bridge, a Children's Fishing Festival at Colonial Lake and a free Zumba class at the Cannon Street YMCA.