Responses may not add up to 100 percent because the lowest poll numbers were omitted for brevity. Go to for a link to the Winthrop Poll.

Voters on Obama's job performance

83 percent of South Carolina Democrats approve of Obama's job performance. (Same as in April 2011)

31 percent of South Carolina independents approve (Down from 34 percent in April 2011)

7 percent of South Carolina Republicans approve (Down from 9 percent in April 2011)

S.C. voters on Washington

40 percent of all S.C. voters approve of Obama

50 percent disapprove

10 percent of all S.C. voters approve of Congress

83 percent disapprove

S.C. Republican voters on Obama's religion

33.8 percent said Obama is Christian

29.5 percent said Obama is Muslim

17.5 percent said Obama is something else/multiple religions

15.3 percent of respondents refused to answer

2.1 percent said Obama is agnostic

S.C. Republicans on where Obama was born

23.9 percent said definitely in the U.S.

29.3 percent said probably in the U.S.

23.6 percent said probably in another country

12.4 percent said definitely in another country

9.5 percent said they were not sure

1.4 percent refused to answer

S.C. Republicans on Gov. Nikki Haley

69.3 percent approve

18.2 percent disapprove

12.4 percent said they were not sure

0.2 percent refused to answer

S.C. Republicans and the tea party

27.8 percent -- tea party members

67.8 percent -- not members

4.5 percent -- not sure

The results of the latest Winthrop Poll taken between Sept.11-18, 2011 are in. The poll interviewed 1552 registered voters from South Carolina. Results which use all respondents have a margin of error of +/- 2.49% at the 95% confidence level.

The majority of questions, however, were only asked of Republicans and Independents who lean Republican. These results come from 596 Republicans and Republican leaners in SC who are also registered to vote and have a margin of error of +/- 4.01%. The margin of error for data using only those who "definitely" plan to vote in the 2012 Republican presidential primary is +/- 4.57%