Three rescued from boat near McClellanville

The next time you're about to do something incredibly stupid, you might want to consider this simple exercise that might save you and your loved ones a lot of pain, agony and embarrassment.

Try saying it out loud.

What sounded like such a good idea when you tossed it around inside your gullible head might not sound so sensible when you verbalize it. Especially in front of other people.

For instance: "I think I'll skip off to Argentina to see my girlfriend, leave the state without any leadership and tell everybody I'm hiking the Appalachian Trail by myself."

Perhaps if our governor had simply said that sentence out loud he might have had second thoughts about the consequences of his actions.

Then again, one of our congressmen thought it was a good idea to yell, "You lie!" during President Barack Obama's health care address to Congress.

How about when auto industry executives said, "Let's all fly down to Washington in our private jets and beg Congress for more bailout money."

You get my drift.

On second thought

So, do any of these sound familiar?

"Hey, let's play with that alligator!"

"OK, Fred, I know it's thundering and lightning, but I'm even par on the front nine and I'm pretty sure that storm is going to turn and go up the Wando."

"Guys, we've been playing poker and drinking all night, so let's all grab our car keys and drive down to the bar for a nightcap!"

"Sure, I promised my wife I'd be home in time to take her out to dinner for our anniversary, but the ball game just went into overtime and I'm sure she'll totally understand."

"I think having a great big tattoo of old-what's-her name put on my chest to show my eternal love is a really great idea."

Great lesson

If only people would stop and state their intentions out loud there might be fewer deaths, injuries and divorces.

Which is why it's a great lesson to teach kids before they grow up to be as foolish as we are.

"Hey, Tommy, I bet nobody would notice if we skip school and go to the beach all day."

"My daddy said this car could hold a corner at a hundred miles an hour. Let's go find out if it will."

"I bet if I go over to Sally's house after midnight her parents will never hear me climbing up the trellis with this six-pack tied to my belt."

Oh, well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Until, of course, you say it out loud.

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