Wrestling in buff gets men cuffed

Two men allegedly intoxicated and wrestling naked on the beach just after midnight were arrested by the Folly Beach Public Safety Department, reports say.

An officer on patrol sighted the pair July 25, and as the officer approached, one man fled on foot and the other tried to cover himself in sand, a report states.

The man in the sand was arrested and handcuffed, and his friends who were nearby were told to bring his underwear and put them on him, the officer wrote.

While the suspect was being escorted to a police car, the other alleged nude wrestler returned wearing only underwear, and was arrested. Both men were charged with disorderly conduct and later released to the custody of a "non-intoxicated friend" who promised that the suspects would be taken to a condo and would remain inside the rest of the night, the report states.

Jailed woman reports theft

A James Island woman became a crime victim while serving time at the Charleston County Detention Center, according to a sheriff's office report.

The woman reported that she let a friend take care of her car while she was in jail between July 7 and 24. When she returned to the car, she found its rims and tires were gone, as were the checkbook and CDs that had been in the car, she told deputies. The loss was estimated at $1,305.

The report states the friend who had been taking care of the car could not be immediately located, and the victim was informed of procedures for getting a warrant.

Police disarm man with blade

The Folly Beach Public Safety Department persuaded an allegedly intoxicated suspect to put down a box cutter and surrender while responding to reports that he'd made slashing motions at bar patrons and asked if they wanted to fight, according to a report.

The 33-year-old man was in the street when police arrived late July 20, and ordered him to put down the weapon and get on the ground, the report states. He was charged with disorderly conduct. People who had allegedly been threatened by him said he appeared to be drunk and mentally unstable, and they did not want to pursue assault charges, the report states.

Pot plants plucked on public property

Nine marijuana plants, growing to about 36 inches in height, were confiscated July 23 from the Charleston Museum's Dill Sanctuary on James Island, according to a Charleston police report.

A property manager discovered the plants while removing some yard debris, the report states. The plants were photographed and taken away to be destroyed. No suspects were identified, the report states.

Pot and pipes found at Folly

A probe into an alleged underage drinking incident led to searches of several cars and the confiscation of smoking pipes and small amounts of marijuana, according to a Folly Beach Public Safety Department report.

Two officers were patrolling the beach June 22 when they sighted people around a half-full cooler of beer, a report states. An 18-year-old man said the cooler was his, and he was cited for underage drinking. A pill bottle containing what looked like marijuana and a smoking pipe were seen on a blanket, the report says.

Several people admitted to having marijuana and pot pipes in the their cars, which were parked nearby, the report states. Several pot pipes and small bags of the drug were found in the cars, leading to marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession charges.

Pot found at Folly beach campfire

Four people who built a campfire on the beach late July 26 may have been burning more than firewood, the Folly Beach Public Safety Department alleges.

A report states that a patrolman sighted a group around a campfire and informed them that the fire was illegal. While one man was loading a backpack, the officer reportedly noticed he put in what looked like a bag of marijuana. The officer said nothing at first, but when he got the group to walk to his patrol car, he asked for their IDs. One suspect showed a wallet but said he had no ID. He also had "numerous bulges in his pockets," and was searched, the report states.

Searches of the suspects turned up four smoking pipes and four grinders, all with marijuana residue on them, the report states. The man with the backpack was then told to open it, and a small bag of marijuana was seized.

He was charged with simple possession of marijuana and the other three people were charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, the report states.

Shoplifter was too well-known

With the help of a store clerk, deputies were able to find the address of a suspected shoplifter, and then went to his home and arrested him, according to a report.

A second suspect and the two bottles of wine that the two men had allegedly stolen were not immediately located, the Charleston County Sheriff's Office said.

According to the report, one man had distracted the store proprietor on July 15 while the other man stuck the wine inside his clothing. The men and the merchandise, worth $50, left the store together, a report states.

The proprietor knew one man by name, and that he was 30 years old. Deputies used the information to find an address, and when they located him charged him with shoplifting, the report states.

Pot, crack found at traffic stop

A Charleston police officer spotted a man driving on James Island who he knew had a suspended driver's license, arrested him and recovered marijuana and cocaine, a report states.

The officer was on patrol July 27 when he saw the car and made the stop. The 39-year-old man's license had been suspended twice in the past five years for driving under suspension convictions, the report states. He was charged with third-offense DUS, and during a search of the car small bags of pot and crack were found, leading to drug possession charges. The car was towed and the suspect taken to the Charleston County Detention Center, the report states.

Yellow teeth lead to brush with law

A driver's yellow teeth prompted a police officer to search a car, where seven rocks of crack cocaine, a crack smoking pipe, an open bottle of alcohol and a suspended driver's license were found, according to a Charleston police report.

The driver was stopped downtown July 24 due to an expired license tag. The driver had a "yellowish tint to the middle of his front two teeth," which the report notes "is known to be ... a visible sign of crack/meth inhalation."

The driver faces drug charges and also was charged with driving under suspension and having an expired license tag, police said.

These news items were taken from incident reports from the Folly Beach Public Safety Department, Charleston police and Charleston County Sheriff's Office.