Jeff Reuer

Lindsay Street/The Berkeley Independent Jeff Reuer speaks to voters in October during a Berkeley County School Board candidate forum.

Occupation: Navy (retired)

Often attends: Berkeley County Council and School Board meetings

Political offices held: None

What made you go the first time? “I was one of the estimated 1.2 million people that marched on Washington, D.C., on Sept. 12, 2009. I realized our government at all levels from federal down to local was getting out of control. It wasn’t enough anymore to just go vote and then let them do as they pleased. It was going to take citizen involvement.”

What kept you coming back? “In order to understand what is happening, it takes a commitment to attend as many meetings as possible, get to know the people that represent us. ... On occasion when they seemed to be heading in the wrong direction, we would have a ‘Call to Action’ and fill the meeting room with concerned citizens. This was very effective.”

What do you think has been your biggest contribution? “This is a very difficult one to answer. Berkeley County Council first. ... We have far greater transparency to include live feeds of meetings. We have saved the taxpayers of Berkeley County millions and even returned some of their money back to them.”

What do you want to see changed? “I would like to see them (the Berkeley County School Board) give more flexibility to parents and citizens who want to address the board. No parent should be denied the chance to speak at a meeting because they didn’t know they had to fill out a card beforehand. I would like to have more transparency on the district web page. ... Finally I would like to see them stop feeding the board and staff at every single board meeting.”

Brenda Rindge