‘It’s a good day to get out’

Bianca and Rondell Pierce and 3-year-old Isaiah of Charleston pass one of the many temporary signs on King Street acknowledging Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Dave Munday

Sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80s made it an ideal day to celebrate Mother’s Day outside Sunday.

While many families went to the parks for the traditional cookout, hundreds of others headed to downtown Charleston to push baby carriages down the middle of King Street with no cars to worry about.

Scores of others pushed their strollers around the Greek Festival, which honored mothers with free admission Sunday. Several blocks of King Street were closed to cars for the monthly 2nd Sunday on King Street.

Rondell and Bianca Pierce of Charleston pushed 3-year-old Isaiah along the street in a stroller. They walked past a chalkboard sign that said “Happy Mother’s Day.” Bianca was eating a Belgian chocolate gelato and Rondell was nibbling a blue Italian ice. Isaiah seemed happy just to be looking around.

“We’re just out here enjoying the day,” said Bianca, an administrative assistant.

“Life is too short,” added Rondell, a warehouse worker. “You’ve got to get out and enjoy it.”

Tables were set up outside restaurants on both sides of King Street, and most were full. Strangers nodded at each other and smiled. A different musician or musical group played every couple of blocks.

Jason and Sheri Zerweck of Goose Creek and their three children paused to check out the Man in White, a guy with white clothes and painted white skin who started and froze, making mechanical noises like a robot, as he played a guitar and sang with a fake black crow perched on his shoulder.

He usually had a crowd standing around.

“We just wanted to see the sights and walk around and enjoy some good food,” Jason said.

Another group that drew a crowd was a bluegrass trio from Charleston County School of the Arts called Yost! Jeremy Holenko, an eighth-grader, was on electric bass, Cecilia McGuinn, also in eighth grade, was playing fiddle, and Eli Braddock, a seventh-grader, was playing guitar and belting out high-pitched vocals, bringing smiles of approval from onlookers.

Jill Braddock, Eli’s mother, and Catherine McGuinn, Cecilia’s mother, were spending their Mother’s Day supporting the kids. That included packing them up for another evening performance at Circular Congregational Church’s Sunday night Jazz Vespers. “They’ve all played music for a long time, and it’s great that they have an outlet,” Jill Braddock said.

Scores of other mothers made their way to the Greek Orthodox Church for the last day of the three-day Charleston Greek Festival. In honor of the day, mothers had the $5 admission waived. They enjoyed lively Greek music, dancing and food and the opportunity to talk with other mothers under the shade of the trees near the Greek Orthodox Church.

“It’s a good day to get out,” Erin O’Donald of West Ashley said as she talked to another mother while keeping an eye on 3-month-old Sullivan in his carriage.

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