Iran's judiciary denies hikers will be freed

U.S. hikers Shane Bauer (left) and Josh Fattal

TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's judiciary on Wednesday denied President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's statements that two American hikers convicted of spying were being pardoned and would be released within two days.

In a statement on its website, the judiciary, which constitutionally is independent from other powers in Iran, said it was "not correct" that Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal would be released in the coming days under a "unilateral pardon" that Ahmadinejad said Tuesday he intended to grant. However, there were signs Wednesday of efforts to put up the $1 million bond that the hikers' lawyer said court officials told him would be required to gain the release of the two men. The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the state of Oman had dispatched a private plane to Tehran, as the lawyer and the Swiss Embassy, which represents U.S. diplomatic interests in Iran, moved ahead with arrangements for the bond of $500,000 each for Bauer and Fattal.