Investigators explore links between two home invasions

Summerville Police have released this sketch of a suspect in connection with a home invasions there. Investigators are examining possible links between that home invasion and one in James Island.

Investigators are examining possible links between recent home invasions in Summerville and James Island that targeted Vietnamese residents.

The first break-in occurred June 14 at 10:15 a.m. on Wanda Drive in Summerville. Two unmasked, Vietnamese-speaking men wearing gloves knocked on the door asking for the 56-year-old resident’s daughter by name. When he answered the door, the men forced their way inside and demanded money, police said.

The suspects forced the victim into a bedroom where he was bound with his hands behind his back and his eyes covered. The victim was the moved into a bathroom by the suspects, while the suspects searched the entire residence, police said.

It is believed the suspects stayed inside the residence for an hour or longer searching for money. The suspects stole $400 in cash and $4,500 in jewelry from the home. Three children inside the home were unharmed during the incident, according to a police report.

Two days later, a similar home invasion occurred at a home on Aruba Circle on James Island at 3 a.m.

In that crime, two masked and gloved men forced their way into a home. One of the men was armed with a black handgun, police said.

A female resident was bound and forced to remain in her bedroom as the suspects searched her home for money. After taking approximately $400 out of her purse, the suspects stated they needed more, police said.

The armed suspect remained with the woman while the other suspects took the victim’s car keys and removed cash, jewelry, and a phone from her vehicle. The victim’s young children were home but unharmed during the incident, police said.

Charleston police Cpl. Fred Bowie said one of the common elements between the crimes was that both victims were Vietnamese.

Anyone with information on the crimes can call Crime Stoppers at 554-1111.