A dozen people protested Tuesday outside U.S. Sen. Tim Scott's office in North Charleston in response to the Trump administration's tax cut plan they criticized as "a giveaway to the rich" and an "attack" on average citizens.

Members of Indivisible Charleston, a group that protests weekly against President Donald Trump's agenda, gathered outside City Hall and centered their comments around the tax overhaul proposed by the GOP last week. 

"This is supposedly not for the rich, but really it is for the top 1 percent, which doesn’t include me," said Cassandra Buckner, a Goose Creek resident.

In unveiling the proposal's framework on Capitol Hill, Scott, R-S.C., said tax reform is about seeing more money stay in Americans' paychecks, mentioning a constituent who's a single mother. Scott has promoted the proposal with the social media hashtag #KeepYoMoney.

Protesters accused Scott of "working against" average citizens. Buckner said she isn't convinced by Trump's claims that he would not benefit from the tax plan.

"So when you have a Republican not standing up to someone who’s a habitual liar, then you’re a liar, too," she said of Scott. 

Indivisible Charleston cited a preliminary study by the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center, which found that those with the highest incomes would enjoy the largest tax cuts under the proposal. The study said taxpayers in the bottom 95 percent of income distribution would see modest cuts averaging 1.2 percent of their after-tax income in 2018. 

Scott's press secretary, Michele Perez Exner, said Scott's goal is to "increase the take home pay for everyday Americans."

"At this point the proposal is a framework and the first step in moving toward developing legislation," she said in an email. 

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