Hurricane Irma Prep

Workers hired by Bill Milner, who lives on Palm Blvd. on the Isle of Palms, board up windows of his home Wednesday, September 6, 2017. Milner said he was preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Brad Nettles/Staff

The Post and Courier put together a resource to help get Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties prepared for the 2017 South Carolina hurricane season.

In this hurricane guide, you will find tips to get organized, like an emergency checklist, before a storm hits and what to do if a storm watch or warning is issued.

If a tropical storm or hurricane lands near Charleston or South Carolina, our hurricane preparedness resource has answers to questions on emergency kits, evacuation routes, storm shelters and more.

In the case of a storm, we also have advice for staying connected with what is going on related to a natural disaster that quickly become necessary for communication when disaster strikes.

The full 2017 Hurricane Preparedness Guide can by found at this location,

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