SUMMERVILLE -- The blasts from percussion grenades ended a 29-hour standoff Friday between more than 30 officers and a man with a rifle threatening suicide.

Two or three "flash bang" stun grenades were thrown into the home at 106 Netherfield Drive near Summerville about 5 p.m.

The man "hollered something out," said Dan Moon, Berkeley County sheriff's public information officer. Officers swarmed in, took the rifle from him and brought him outside to medical personnel.

"He was still very belligerent," Moon said.

No one was injured. The man was taken to a hospital for evaluation, ending a day-night-and-day-long siege that involved at times sheriff's deputies, the Charleston County SWAT team and the Goose Creek Special Response Team. Moon said they don't have an estimate yet of how much the cost is going to be. He expected it to be billed to the man, who at this point faces at least one count of disturbing the peace.

The number of officers and deputies and length of the standoff were in an effort to resolve the situation without getting anyone hurt, Moon said. "When you're going to do it right, it takes a lot of thought, a lot of head-banging" of different perspectives and ideas.

Deputies went out to the house about 10 a.m. Thursday after learning the man had two pistols and a rifle inside and was threatening to kill himself, Moon said. Within hours, the sheriff's office Special Response Team turned off the electricity and water and waited.

Deputies talked to the man, who the sheriff's office declined to name, throughout the ordeal. When his cell phone died Thursday, deputies used a robot to take him a landline connected to a neighbor's house, Moon said. He had been belligerent at times and asked to speak to his son, but was not allowed to, Moon said.

At least one officer reported possibly hearing shots fired inside, Moon said. At one point, officers fired more than a dozen canisters of tear gas into the home in hopes of bringing a peaceful resolution.

Many neighbors looked on in the heat, waiting and hoping for the situation to come to an end.

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