Hot dog vendor and music man

Stephen Jenkins serves up lunch Tuesday at his hot dog stand at George and King streets. He is also a musician who sings and plays guitar and piano.

Stephen Jenkins is glad spring is here. As a part-time hot dog vendor, he relies on good weather.

Cold weather normally hurts sales for outdoor vendors, but the weak economy helped him weather the cold. Hot dogs are, after all, cheap, good and filling.

And now that spring is here, more students and tourists are visiting his stand near the College of Charleston to take advantage of the $2 special.

But spring hasn't done much to thaw out the economy, and that dampens Jenkins' musical side. He and his band, Green Levels, played weekly gigs at Conch on Folly Beach before the restaurant closed during the winter. Other gigs are hurting, too, as the recession saps business at nightclubs and restaurants. Musical performances are the first to go.

Jenkins is not giving up despite the economy. The band continues to make a name for itself, performing regularly at the Griffon, Brick and D.D. Peckers. And his hot dog stand helps pay the bills.

But he doesn't plan to work two part-time jobs forever. He's optimistic and eager to plunge into the full-time position of husband this November.