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Brooks Brunson has served as The Post and Courier's Engagement Editor since May 2018. She started at P&C in 2014 and has held several positions in the newsroom since, briefly leaving in 2017 for a stint as a Digital Editor with The Virginian-Pilot.

Hi readers!

I'm reaching out to get some feedback from you all. After all, you are the reason we do this whole journalism thing to begin with, right? 

So as one of my team's next initiatives in the Post and Courier's newsroom, we are going to spend time revamping our presence across different emerging digital and social platforms. 

While you can already find a strong presence across our TwitterFacebook page and Instagram (if you aren't following on those platforms, check us out!), we want to make sure the important news you need to know easily gets on your screens in a way that's convenient for you.

Digital platforms stock

Matt Crum/Staff 

With so many emerging platforms, we can't tackle them all at once. So we are asking readers to take this survey to help us decide which ones are most important.

You can select as many options as you'd like, and the survey should only take a couple of minutes.

Take the survey by clicking here.

We really appreciate any feedback you can provide!

As an example, one digital platform we've recently revamped is our email newsletters, so while you are at it, you should also check them out!

We'd recommend you start with our daily headlines newsletter to know the most essential news shaping Charleston and South Carolina in 10 minutes or less. Here's a little preview:

And if you feel inclined, one big way to support our commitment to journalism that matters to you is to purchase a digital subscription.

And as always, feel free to share any suggestions directly with me on how we can improve our digital storytelling. You can find me on Twitter at @readthebrooks, on Facebook or email bbrunson@postancourier.com.

Thanks y'all!