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A timed-out parking meter resulted in a citation on King Street this summer. File/Andrew J. Whitaker/ Staff

The city of Charleston has released the preliminary findings of its first study of the downtown parking system in 20 years.

The Charleston Parking Study examines current and future parking trends for peninsula residents, businesses and employees. It could lead to changes in where people can park, how long they can stay in one space and how much they’ll pay.

Here are the key takeaways from the survey:

Of the 3,589 people who participated, 40% are peninsula workers, 36% are peninsula residents and 24% are visitors:


Most people get to the peninsula by driving alone in a car. Nine out of 10 nonresident employees do:

transport mode

More than half would consider regularly riding public transportation and about one-third would use ride-sharing services to get downtown:


The majority park either at their destination or within a few blocks. But some are six blocks or more away:

where they parked

Nearly half of drivers park on city streets, but garages corral about one-fourth:

how close

Workers and residents find a parking spot in just a few minutes. Visitors take a bit longer:

time to park

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