GOOSE CREEK -- A traffic stop led police to more than 10 pounds of marijuana, $8,800 in cash and two guns, officers said.

About 4:15 p.m. Wednesday, a city patrol officer saw a man driving an SUV make an improper lane change. The officer put on his blue lights, and the driver pulled into the parking lot of Burger King at 105 N. Goose Creek Blvd.

Shortly after the stop, the driver ran away and was apprehended by another officer responding to the pursuit, according to police.

While the chase was under way, a female friend of the driver, who had pulled up in another vehicle, approached the SUV and removed bags containing marijuana and drove away with them, police said.

A bag containing about 1 pound of marijuana was left behind in the vehicle, police said.

Witnesses gave officers a description of the woman's car, which was broadcast over police radio.

Moments later, an off-duty Moncks Corner Police Department officer spotted the vehicle in the parking lot of the Sun Trust Bank at 539 St. James Ave.

Officers responded and identified the female as having been at the scene of the traffic stop.

The woman admitted to police that she came to the traffic stop after being telephoned by the driver of the SUV, who told her to remove marijuana from the vehicle.

She told police she took the marijuana to her residence, and she gave police permission to search her house.

At the house they found more marijuana, which brought the total amount to more than 10 pounds, police said. More than $8,800 in cash and two firearms also were seized.

Jerome Simmons, 23, of Cohen Circle in Ladson, is charged with resisting arrest, trafficking marijuana, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to engage in trafficking marijuana.

He was being held in the Hill-Finklea Detention Center on bails totalling $30,000.

He also was charged with improper lane use and not having a driver's license in his possession.

The woman was not in custody. Warrants were being issued for her arrest.

Police said the seizure of the larger amount of marijuana would not have been possible without the witness at Burger King as well as the off-duty Moncks Corner officer.