12 Goose Creek students take 'Pop Quiz Challenge'

Goose Creek High School special education teacher Victoria Poldino was elated to watch the “Pop Quiz Challenge” on a computer and Smart Board in her classroom. The Channel One show was filmed at Goose Creek on May 16.

Brenda Rindge

Students usually hate pop quizzes.

But that wasn't the reaction last week at Goose Creek High School when the “Pop Quiz Challenge” turned the gymnasium into a game-show set.

“It was something fun to do, especially when the students have been so busy with end-of-course exams and things like that,” said special education teacher Victoria Poldino, who won an online contest that brought the production to the school.

Each year, Channel One, a New-York-based network that broadcasts daily, 12-minute news shows to 7,000 middle and high schools nationally, puts on the challenge, a test of current events.

Channel One hosts Scott Evans, Shelby Holliday and staff members arrived in Goose Creek on May 15 to set up for the next day's event. It took about two hours to tape the 10-minute segment.

Twelve students were chosen by lottery to be contestants, and about 1,000 others were audience members.

“They took pictures with all the students afterward,” Poldino said.

“The kids were just star-struck. They don't get to see a lot of famous people in Goose Creek, so for them to see people that they see on TV every single day is really exciting.”

Watch the video at video.channelone.com/pop-quiz-challenge/.