Goose Cr. woman found dead

Goose Creek police and the Berkeley County Coroner are investigated a possible homicide at 351 Huntsman Drive on Friday, July 27, 2012. (Tyrone Walker/

GOOSE CREEK — The wail of sirens disrupted an otherwise quiet afternoon here Friday.

A 61-year-old woman had been stabbed to death, and her 77-year-old husband was in custody.

Lester Chung was arrested in connection with the killing, said Lt. William Schreurs of the Goose Creek Police Department. Charges have not been filed, pending further investigation, he said.

Police received a call around 4:30 p.m. about an apparent domestic dispute at 351 Huntsman Drive. It had apparently escalated, and officers found Xiuying Wang unresponsive; a few minutes later, EMS pronounced her dead.

Chung answered the door and was later arrested, Schreurs said.

Berkeley County Coroner Bill Salisbury said the death is being investigated as a homicide and that Wang had been stabbed multiple times.

Salisbury and Schreurs wouldn’t confirm that the two were married, but neighbors recalled that they were.

They were a quiet couple and kept to themselves, neighbors said. Their children were grown, and they had grandchildren. As the holidays approached, they would put up a big display of Christmas decorations.

The couple lived in a modest, single-story house, with yellow siding and a few rose bushes planted by their porch. The home is in Foxborough, a quiet subdivision mostly free of crime, save for a spate of break-ins on an adjacent street, neighbors said.

But the quiet was broken Friday as Wang’s daughter ran down the street to call police from a neighbor’s home. That neighbor, who asked not to be identified, said the daughter had come to pick her mother up. She was planning to leave for a few nights.

Police have parted with few details regarding their investigation, and neighbors congregated down the taped-off street and shared speculation.

But hours later, around 8 p.m., as the evening drew to night, quiet seemed to return to the subdivision. Police rolled the covered body from the house and began to take down the crime scene tape that crossed the street.

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