Each December since 1927, The Post and Courier’s Good Cheer Fund has raised money to help the less fortunate in our community. That first year, $1,797 was contributed to help families in crisis, shelter the homeless and feed the hungry in our midst during the holidays.

Thanks to readers of The Post and Courier, the Good Cheer Fund is ending the 2015 campaign with $357,897.67.

All contributions large and small are important to the success of the campaign, from an anonymous $5 to the funds collected by kindergartners to corporate contributions in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Over the past 88 years, the fund has raised $7,958,455.85 and every penny of that has gone to help the less fortunate among us during the holiday season.

Our six partner agencies — Coastal Catholic Charities, Carolina Youth Development Center, Lowcountry Food Bank, Association for the Blind, the Salvation Army and Star Gospel Mission — have been busy over the past month using your donations to help with rent payments, utilities, groceries and more for those in need, and will continue to do so throughout the month of January.

The following contributions have been received since last week. Acknowledgment of any donations received after noon on Dec. 29 will be published at the beginning of the 2016 campaign next December.

Cheryl Newton 50.00

Allison Grace Seymour, precious child, reach for the stars and may your dreams be realized. All our love, Barbie and Mimi 100.00

Joy and Michael Kauffman 50.00

Charles and Eve 100.00

Mary Ellen and Jim Engle 100.00

In honor of our grandchildren Ellie, Ethan and Mila 100.00

Martha and Charley McLendon 150.00

McKenzie and all her friends 250.00

Kevin and Kerry Kroll 100.00

United Community Bank — Charleston 250.00

The Swinyer and Brown Families 100.00

Pamela Levi and George Kefalos 200.00

The Anderson/Brutzer/Hunter Family 50.00

In honor of our children and grandchildren, from Frances and Philip Levin 100.00

To God’s Glory 500.00

In honor of our nieces and nephews, from David and Ann Morris 300.00

Dr. and Mrs. John K. Howe 100.00

My companion 8 yrs, Dottie H. Lewis, (integrity, strength, character) by James T. Fralix Jr. 100.00

In thanksgiving for my aunt and uncle, Mary and Melvin Seyle 75.00

In thanksgiving for my aunt and uncle, Lynn and Eugene Blanton 75.00

In thanksgiving for my parents, Elizabeth K. and Edward P. Blanton Jr. 100.00

With gratitude for my lovely daughters Alison and Kristina and many blessings 25.00

In honor of our grandchildren, from Steve Richey and Jade Knapp-Richey 25.00

Employees at L-J Inc. 500.00

Patty and Steve Hurst 25.00

Bob and Pat McKitrick 200.00

Franklin and Joan Shoenberger 50.00

John and Donna Miller 200.00

Francis Voorwold 300.00

Mickey and Jeffrey Rosenblum 200.00

In appreciation of Mary, Sharon, Fran and Bill, from Mulloy Christopher 100.00

Kathryn Pickett 500.00

John and Fern Ulmer 100.00

English Family 100.00

Judith Bennett 25.00

Mary Sorenson 100.00

Alfred and Sylvia Marini 200.00

The Law Offices of Richard A. Hricik, PA. 100.00

In honor of my parents Col. and Mrs. Robert L. McElroy (USMC Ret.) .......................................................125.00

Judith and James Beery.....100.00

J & M Sales & Service 100.00

Mary Johnson 100.00

Lisa and George Tupper 300.00

The Mash Supper Club, the Millers, Applebys, Setsers and Hogans.......................................200.00

Lizard Foot Builders, Inc. 200.00

Nancy Benjamin 35.00

William Boney 50.00




















Lily and Milo Jarvis 500.00

Theodore and Lila Rapchick 70.00

Cotillion d’ Nouveau: Les Buckrah Ball 30.00

Eleanor and Warren Stutler, Pollie, Sing and Edward Singletary, Phi Seabrook and John Deaver, dearly missed, with love The Stutlers 200.00

Happy Jett, John Van Dorsten, Bobby Jones, Eric Warrer, Chuck Seithel, Steve Moore, Trey Sanders, Charlie Ratledge, Price Oulla, Ryan Staubes, Michael Rawl, Peter Beck, Billy Richardson, Joshua Rosen, Tradd Gibbons, Dirk MacDowell, Jonathan Greer, Rusty Davidson, Jason Derrick, Johnathan Capps, Chris Spivey, Matthew Renken, Alex Sicre, John Gibbs, Ned Swan, Bret Lawson and Justin Barnett 100.00

Katherine Thomason, Millicent Bradsher, Julie Simonds, Burney Fair, Heidel Lentz, Leslie McCravy, Lizzy Fleming, Nancy Brown, Gayle McCaffrey, Suzanne Bailey, Allyson Key, Tyler Deas and Arylette Brown 100.00

Coach Clark 50.00

Mabel Bailey Proctor, Peter Edward Proctor, John Scott Boykin, Mildred Pinckney Boykin, Florence Boykin Kleckley, George Dixon Kleckley, Dr. Arnold Arthur Swanson and Florence Peele Swanson 100.00

Mahe, c’est moi. Joyeux Noel 25.00

Bob Kruger 25.00

Dr. Julian T. Buxton Jr. a/k/a “Hot-daddy,” from his grateful and loving grandchildren 100.00

Leo from Lizzie and Sebastian 50.00

Flora and Louis Malaspina 50.00

Thomas W. Carr Jr. 200.00

Ralph and Rita Peeples 50.00

My mother Anita J. Ford 100.00

Emma, Peck, Skippy and Margaret Noland 100.00

Budgie from Maddy and Brynn 100.00

Nancy Pringle and Lucy Schachte 100.00

Our son David Scott Marcy, from Bud and Rita Marcy 25.00

Shelby and Bobbie Pennington, Flora McCarty and June Bailey 50.00

Our Granny, from Vickie, Madeline and Kathryn 25.00

Virginia Larisey, our wonderful mother 200.00

Rachel Kam-Johnson 100.00

Mighty Marty: our fuzz ball 100.00

For our parents Bud and Hortense Weaver and Carl and Edna Bailey 50.00

My uncle Freddie Mixson and thanksgiving for my aunt Ann Mixson 75.00

My grandparents Helen and Edward Blanton and Mary and Nathan Kronberg 100.00

Mary Marquardt and Chuck Marquardt 50.00

Edwin Poulnot 100.00

Loved ones gone, but never forgotten 40.00

Jimmy and Maude Hall 200.00

Jack and Odeline Young 200.00

Fred Snelling 200.00

Mr. Wilkie 200.00

Shorty Crane 200.00

James Preister 200.00

Marion, Bill and Tina and Dick Spell 300.00

Georgia S. Heatley 25.00

Hershel (Red) Lantz 50.00

Tommy Hutto, my friend and excellent veterinary caregiver to my three Goldens: Chelsea, Kelsey, and Bouie 100.00

Lucy Beckham, my friend and excellent principal and educator to two of my daughters 100.00

Katherine M. Whiddon 25.00

My beloved husband Dr. Robert L. Patterson — “Doc” 50.00

Mr. Duke, our dear friend and teacher, from his very special art class students, with love and appreciation 25.00

Our carpooler and friend, Davey Shorter, from D&J 30.00

My brother Cranny 100.00

Connie and Dave Emerson 150.00

Our parents and brother, from Bruce and Jerri Turnbull 200.00

My parents William F. and Francina T. Cisa, Granny Cisa, Uncle Arthur and Aunt Estelle, Uncle Joe and Uncle Russell Cisa 100.00

Harold Simmons, from family 100.00

Deceased members, by the Charleston Exchange Club Auxiliary 500.00

Larry R. Fox, from Barbara Fox 100.00

Our Parents 300.00

Dad and Momma, Mema, Toes, Austin, Charlie, Macajiah, Kitty, Zeke and Edward 100.00

Our parents, from Archie and Mary Ann Smalls 30.00

Jim Good and Jessie Hinton 25.00

Sid Tyroler from Merle Tyroler and Dennis Christensen 100.00

Thomas A. Palmer Sr., from Marguerite Palmer 50.00

TODAY’S TOTAL $20,535.00

PREVIOUS TOTAL $337,362.67

YEAR TO DATE $357,897.67

LAST YEAR TO DATE $374,779.74