No need to rub your eyes. Beginning today, several Charleston landmarks will be glowing red, but not because of Valentine's Day or a college prank.

The Charleston City Marina, Hibernian Hall, Saks Fifth Avenue, the Ashley River bridge and fountains at Marion Square and Waterfront Park are to be illuminated with red lighting as part of the American Heart Association's month-long Go Red for Women movement.

The campaign is aimed at preventing heart disease in women. Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States, killing more women than cancer, strokes, pulmonary disease, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes combined, according to the heart association.

Pam Morris, chairwoman of the campaign and co-director of women's health care at the Medical University of South Carolina, said she hopes the campaign alerts women to the sobering statistics and risk factors.

"It's always surprising to me to see so many people wearing pink in October, when heart disease is the leading cause of death among women," Morris said. "The purpose of the Go Red campaign is to capture the hearts of women, both figuratively and literally."

Women are invited to wear red to campaign events at Marion Square and Saks Fifth Avenue on King Street.

Mayor Joe Riley is expected to present a "Wear Red Day" proclamation in Marion Square. At Saks, women are invited to share how the disease has affected their lives.

Women need to recognize their risks earlier in life, Morris said.

Mary Tutterow, 49, who suffers from coronary artery disease, said she wishes she had been active in the prevention of heart disease sooner.

"I am like a lot of women in that I waited until my late 40s before taking an active role in heart-disease prevention," Tutterow said.

"It is of tremendous value to me knowing that I am taking the steps necessary to prevent from dying young like my mother did."