George Freeman

George Freeman

Occupation: Realtor, retired software engineer

Often attends: Mount Pleasant Town Council

Political offices held: Ran for Mount Pleasant mayor in 2013; appointed to Charleston County Planning Commission

What made you go the first time? “It began when I was president of the Six Mile Neighborhood Association. At that time, I was attending training where they teach you how to preserve the community and that got me interested in highways and roads. I started attending the meetings, and I heard something about Rifle Range Road. I started investigating and found out the town had plans to make Rifle Range Road a four-to-five-lane highway. To me, that didn’t make any sense.”

What kept you coming back? “Once I got involved, I started investigating who is making these decisions and who is making these plans. That’s when I found out the town of Mount Pleasant had a master plan that included transportation.”

What do you think has been your biggest contribution? “I’ve been accused of trying to stop progress, but as I tell people, ‘Who defines progress?’ Not doing something can be progress also.”

What do you want to see changed? “Cities are connected, and over the years, I’ve worked with transportation people, and one thing they all agree on is having more than one route to get to a destination works better than building one major highway to move traffic. That’s always been my complaint with the town.”

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