The Lowcountry beaches are like a set of siblings that have virtually nothing in common besides proximity.

Folly Beach is as laid back as the surfers, hippies and good ole boys and girls who flock there.

Across Charleston Harbor lies a bit more upscale brother, Sullivan’s Island, which offers plenty of space for Mount Pleasant and downtown Charleston to spread out or play, whether it’s kiteboarding, stand-up paddleboarding or playing bocce.

A short skip from Sullivan’s Island over Breach Inlet is the Isle of Palms, where families tend to gravitate due to lifeguards at Isle of Palms County Park and large houses that act as small hotels for large family gatherings.

As if that’s not enough, other venues just a tad farther afar, or harder to reach, offer even more options.

On mostly private Kiawah Island, the public Beachwalker County Park ranks among the top 10 beaches in the United States by Florida International University Professor Steven ‘Dr. Beach’ Leatherman. Meanwhile, many Charleston residents have a dual citizenship as ‘Edistonians’ — escaping from world for summer weeks or weekends at slow-paced Edisto Beach.

And if you have the privilege of owning a boat or, better, befriending someone with a boat, then you can unleash your wild side on Morris, Dewees, Capers or Bull’s Island.

This distinct, quirky brood actually works to our benefit because we can mix it up, if we want, depending on our mood and the amount of time we have. For locals, many choose first and foremost on how close they live to each beach, which in turn, reinforces the characteristics of each beach.

On this Fourth of July weekend, we offer a primer on the sandier side of Charleston.

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