Gadfly Coe accuses County Auditor Peggy Moseley’s husband of threatening his life

David Coe

Local gadfly David Coe has accused the husband of Charleston County Auditor Peggy Moseley of threatening his life during an argument on James Island Thursday.

Coe said he was at his West Capers Avenue home when James Moseley drove up and accused him of taking down Peggy Moseley’s campaign signs and “causing my wife to lose her job.”

Coe told Charleston County Sheriff’s deputies that James Moseley said, “I am going to take care of you!! Your head should be in one of my crab pots,” according to a police report.

James Moseley was gone by the time deputies arrived. Two neighbors who Coe named as witnesses to the incident told a deputy that Coe and James Moseley were involved in a loud argument with plenty of cursing. They did not, however, hear Moseley threaten Coe, a police report stated.

Peggy and James Moseley could not immediately be reached for comment this morning.

Sheriff’s Maj. Jim Brady said deputies are investigating the incident, but no action is pending at this time.

Coe said he plans to seek a restraining order against James Moseley. He denied taking down Peggy Moseley’s signs. He said a property owner on Dills Bluff Road removed the signs because the Moseleys did not have permission to put them on the land.

Coe has been a relentless critic of Moseley since 2009, when he pushed the county to be more diligent about collecting taxes on yachts. He often shows up at Charleston County Council’s public comment sessions to complain about her.

On April 20, Coe filed a complaint with the state Ethic Commission stating that Moseley was seen driving her assigned county car to GOP offices to file for re-election. Moseley later reimbursed the county 16 cents for that trip.

Moseley currently is serving her fifth four-year term as auditor. To win a sixth, she must defeat two Republican opponents: former Charleston County School Board member David Engelman and former Mount Pleasant Town Councilman Paul Gawrych.

The GOP winner will face Democrat Peter Tecklenburg and possibly a petition candidate this fall.

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