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Fund helped Boeing site worker stay on job

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Fund helped Boeing site worker stay on job

Virgil is a formerly homeless man, now living at a transitional shelter, who was able to land a construction job at the new Boeing facility at the Charleston airport.

Initially, he did not have any means of transportation and, unless he was able to catch a ride with a fellow employee, it was difficult for him to get to work. To help, a Good Cheer Fund agency purchased a 31-day bus pass for Virgil until he was able to buy the pass for himself. As a result, he has been able to keep his job and has high hopes for his future.

Your generous gift to the Good Cheer Fund helps Virgil and others like him get back on their feet and become contributing members of the community again.

Donations to The Post and Courier's Good Cheer Fund have helped the less fortunate in the Lowcountry since 1927. The six charitable organizations sharing the funds collected are Star Gospel Mission, Association for the Blind, Catholic Charities, Carolina Youth Development Center, Lowcountry Food Bank and the Salvation Army. There are no administrative costs involved and every cent of the money goes directly to the agencies.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at


James and Susan McKenna 100.00

Sally and Bill Carr 50.00

In honor of Armin, Bonny, Kathleen and Winna 100.00

In honor of the faculty and staff of Mason Preparatory School. Thank you, Sandra L. Twomey 100.00

Pat and Pete Schopfer 300.00

Mary T. 10.00

In honor of those who serve to protect our freedoms. From Col. Charles and Anne Krecklow 100.00

"The Walkie Talkies" of the Old Village in Mt. Pleasant 200.00

In honor of our military serving around the world. From Ann and Hollis Garris 100.00

Susan and Clint Eisenhauer 150.00

In honor of the #1 Birthday Club (Beverly, Sweetie, Tico and David) from #2 Birthday Club (C.T., Rory, Robin and Joanie) 100.00

Aileen and Tom Long 25.00

Mark Sloan and Michelle Van Parys 100.00

Edward Blake 25.00

Guardian Services 500.00

In honor of Gub's Grands 25.00

Kirkpatrick Sale and Shirley Branchini 200.00

In honor of Bailey and Kip 200.00

In honor of Reilly Lovingood. I love you, Mom 50.00




Elton and Kathy Carrier (local) 150.00


Bobby, Rosa, Burnet and Robbie Oliveros, John J. and Ruth Z. King and Ford Zimmerman 300.00

Lawrence W. Barrett Jr. 25.00

A. Legare Van Ness 50.00

Philip O'Neill Hanvey 50.00

My friends David Petty and Billy Kopel 100.00

Ging, Pop, B and Clif 75.00

Fred, Steven, David and Walter 300.00

Travis Baker from his grandmother Doris Penney-Hamilton 50.00

Bette Jo Cox 25.00

Two Spaniel dogs "Bronco Billy" and "Baron Ashley Rhett" by C.C.S. 15.00

Capt. W.B. "Mash" Seabrook and wife Mrs. Mary Seabrook by C.C.S. 50.00

"Tugboat Men" Capt. Olin Jackson, Capt. J. Ernest Baggott, Capt. John S. Waters, Ch. Eng. Cleo Summersett, Ch. Eng. Calvin Summersett, Ch. Eng. Samuel T. "Jackie" Jackson and Ch. Eng. J. Henry Sistare by C.C.S. 75.00

Elizabeth M. and Burnet R. Maybank 100.00

Roberta M. Prioleau 100.00

Julius H.W. Guérard 100.00

Theodore B. Guérard 100.00

Wm. Kenneth Johnson from his wife Martha and children 100.00

Augustine T. Smythe 100.00

Henry B. Smythe 100.00

A. Legare Van Ness 100.00

The Hockensmith, Jenkins and Mellard families 100.00

Sam Douglas, Tip Siler and Retta Ivey 100.00

James Goolsby and Betty C. Smith from Janet Goolsby 100.00

Diana Griggs Benally Thompson from Mom, Dad, Terry, Jimmy and son Michael 25.00

My mother Maxine R. Myers 500.00

Richard W. Salmons, Katherine W. Salmons and Laura Salmons Ragsdale 100.00

Lonnie Whitfield 5,000.00

Charley Lovingood, Happy 29th birthday. Love, Mom and Reilly. We miss you. 50.00

TODAY'S TOTAL $10,500.00


YEAR TO DATE $72,318.94

LAST YEAR TO DATE $82,791.13

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