The financially beleaguered Charleston Symphony Orchestra is making more headway with its emergency fundraising.

Preliminary figures from this week's phone bank effort show that nearly $30,000 has been contributed and more has been pledged since the announcement at Saturday's concert that at least $250,000 is needed to make December's payroll.

"A total of 866 calls were made over the two evenings by 20 musicians, 10 CSO board members and nine CSO Gospel Choir members," said CSO Executive Director Jan Newcomb. CSO staff will continue to make follow-up calls, she said.

Newcomb said that 91 donors and patrons have given $28,963 since the appeal from the stage. On Wednesday night, another 14 people pledged to give a total of $7,675.

CSO needs at least $1 million to make it through the season ending in May.

It is the largest perform- ing arts organization in the state.