A retired firefighter followed his rescue instincts this week when he helped save a man who was run over by his own vehicle, S.C. Highway Patrol authorities confirmed.

David Diaz had left church and was headed home from the drug store along Orangeburg Road in Dorchester County Sunday when he saw a man driving a Jeep pull over and get under the vehicle. Then he watched it roll over the man’s body, he said.

“The Jeep rolled over his head and torso, and it dragged him a little bit,” Diaz said.

Paul Pattison, 42, had pulled over because he had car trouble, according to the Highway Patrol.

Three juveniles were passengers in the vehicle involved in the accident. When Diaz saw what happened, he said he pulled over and turned his car around to block traffic.

“He was bleeding profusely out of his mouth and head, and I laid him on his side,” Diaz said. “The children were screaming so another person, who pulled over, put the kids in another car so they wouldn’t see Pattison bleeding.

Paramedics rushed him in critical condition to Medical University Hospital, where he remained Wednesday. His condition has improved to serious, according to hospital officials.