2 former child care workers charged with neglect

Anastasia Whitlock (left), 32, of Inman, and Sonya Fredo, 44, of Campobello, were arrested by the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office Friday. Both were child care workers at a day care center. They are accused of mistreating children.

INMAN, S.C. - Two former workers at a day care center in upstate South Carolina have been charged with child neglect.

Spartanburg County sheriff's deputies say the two were charged after deputies received video footage showing mistreatment of children at the child care center in Inman.

Sheriff's Lt. Kevin Bobo released a statement saying 44-year-old Sonya Smith Fredo of Campobello was charged with two counts of neglect and 32-year-old Anastasia Whitlock of Inman was charged with three counts of neglect.

Bobo said both of the children involved were under 10 and one has Down syndrome.

Deputies said that Fredo and Whitlock were employees at the Main Street USA child care center. It was not immediately known if the two have attorneys.