MOUNT PLEASANT -- Jessica Maggart sampled crawfish, alligator tail and shrimp at the Carolina Creole food truck before settling on a beignet.

"It's like a little bit of heaven. Completely made my Friday," she said.

Although business was steady, food truck owner Jeff Filosa said the Ben Sawyer Boulevard location wasn't his first choice. Filosa said he had quit trying to use a lot on Coleman Boulevard for his mobile kitchen, even though he had permission from the owner, after four people met him at the entrance and blocked his way because they said he could not travel through their property to get to the lot.

Two of the people wore Page's Okra Grill uniforms, he said.

"I complied with them. It was quite a shock," he said.

Town Councilwoman Linda Page, whose family owns Page's Okra Grill on Coleman Boulevard, disputed what Filosa said.

"That's misinformation. We don't have any right to ban him," she said.

Food trucks are on the Town Council radar. The council Planning Committee plans to take a look at drafting an ordinance to govern them, Page said.

Her family restaurant business is not why she is concerned about food trucks.

"It's an enforcement issue," she said. Tax revenue collection and sanitation are considerations, she said.

Restaurants, the largest employer in Mount Pleasant, pump millions of dollars into the local economy annually. With the advent of food trucks, it is important that the town establish a level playing field for all of the food service businesses in town, she said.

"We certainly support other businesses," she said.

Filosa said he got out of the restaurant business because after 25 years he was tired of working up to 100 hours per week. He bought a used bread truck and installed a kitchen in it. His church kitchen is also used to make Carolina Creole food, he said.

He has a town business license and his kitchens passed health department inspections with flying colors, he said. He lost 24 pounds in August because of working in the heat. He is looking forward to the cooler winter months.

About 15 food trucks operate in the area, including at least one other one in Mount Pleasant, he said.