Flight headed for R.I. diverted to Charleston 3 passengers removed, questioned

A Southwest Airlines plane, like the one pictured, made an emergency landing Tuesday at Charleston International Airport on its way to Providence, R.I.

Stephan Savoia

A Southwest Airlines flight made an emergency landing Tuesday night at Charleston International Airport.

Southwest spokeswoman Whitney Eichinger said that flight 3814 made the stop after what she called a misunderstanding between a flight attendant and a passenger over where to put a piece of luggage.

She said that man and two people he was traveling with were removed from the plane and questioned by authorities. No charges were filed.

The flight was from Orlando, Fla., to Providence, R.I.

Airport spokeswoman Becky Beaman said the plane was only diverted as a precaution.

“The passengers were interviewed by police and the FBI,” Beaman said. “Authorities deemed that there was no threat.”

The plane, carrying 134 passengers and five crew members, was allowed to continue on to Providence, where it landed about two hours later than scheduled.

Beaman said the passengers who were taken off the plane were placed on another flight to Rhode Island on Wednesday morning.