Although not yet as popular as a drippy chocolate fountain, biscuit bars – featuring split buttermilk biscuits and fixings – are increasingly showing up at Southern weddings. [caption id="attachment_306" align="alignright" width="300"] Charleston Grill[/caption] “With a variety of options and toppings, food bars are the best way to let your guests play with their food,” the bridal magazine The Knot earlier this year decreed in an online story titled “12 Surprising Food Bars You’ve Never Seen Before!” The post endorsed taco bars, doughnut bars, mashed potato bars, grilled cheese bars and biscuit bars, illustrated with a photo supplied by Charleston planner A Lowcountry Wedding. After Charleston Grill chef Michelle Weaver staged a biscuit bar for June’s Bon Appetit Grub Crawl, Charleston Place added the amenity to its list of available event services. “We wanted to represent the South and be interactive,” Weaver explains. “We had four different kinds of biscuits and 20 things you could put on top.” Although the Grub Crawl bar was especially baroque, with hot-smoked wild salmon and shrimp gravy among the offered trimmings, Weaver says a more modest biscuit bar could work with as few as four or five toppings. “You want sweet, salty and savory,” Weaver says, adding that vegetarians and meat lovers alike should be accommodated. She suggests setting the bar with sausage gravy, sliced tomatoes, “some kind of fun butter” and jam. “It’s a great way for people to socialize,” Weaver says. “Everyone wants to see who comes up with the best biscuit.”