Organizers of a Fourth of July fireworks display in Gallatin, Tenn., blamed a Mount Pleasant-based fireworks company when the show had to be canceled at the last minute, saying that the fireworks company failed to show.

But Gerald Ott, the owner of Southeastern Pyrotechnics, said the firm had no contract to perform in Gallatin.

Faces of Hope, a nonprofit group that helps children with special needs, organized the show to be held as a fundraiser at the Gallatin Civic Center but had to cancel about an hour prior to the scheduled start.

The group's founder, Leslie Face-Lee, told WSMV-TV in Nashville that they paid some money up front to Southeastern Pyrotechnics and they had spoken with the company on Sunday to confirm the fireworks show.

But Southeastern Pyrotechnics, which has an office on S.C. Highway 41, had never completed a contract with anyone in Tennessee, according Ott.

Ott said he was contacted in March by Faces of Hope. He said the organization had paid some advance funds but it did not pay the entire pre-show deposit.

"We told them that without a full deposit, we couldn't do a show," Ott said. "Every time we break protocol to help someone out, we end up not getting paid."

According to Southeastern Pytrotechnics' Facebook page, the company is associated with the Wild Bill and Crazy Tom's Fireworks Store on S.C. Highway 41.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. Reach David W. MacDougall at 937-5655.