Charleston police have revealed more details in the arrest of a suspect in the armed robbery of a West Ashley gas station.

The department credits strong police work in determining a suspect in the case based on a fingerprint from a coin and a debit card with no name on it.

According to a police statement, on May 27 a man entered a Sunoco station on Sam Rittenberg Boulevard and tried to purchase a beer. He placed a debit card and several coins on the counter to pay for the beer, but the clerk noticed that he was hiding a bottle of champaign behind his leg.

The man bent over and broke the bottle on the floor, according to a police statement, and threatened the clerk with the broken edge, demanding money.

The clerk handed him cash and he fled, leaving behind the coins and debit card.

Using a search warrant, police were able to get a name to go with the debit card and later matched it to a fingerprint the police lab lifted from a quarter, according to the statement.

St. Julian Ronald Smalls, 44, of Martin Luther King Boulevard was arrested June 6 and charged with armed robbery.