SUMMERVILLE -- Femme Fatale owners have asked for a jury trial, delaying for at least three months a hearing on whether the bikini bar violated adult use zoning laws. They also asked Dorchester County officials for a review.

An attorney for the owners approached county attorney Andy Shepherd requesting that officials take a look at improvements made at the club and consider dropping the zoning charges, Shepherd said Wednesday. County Council is likely to consider the proposal at its May 17 meeting in Summerville, he said. John Crumrine, the owners' attorney, declined to comment.

The club was expected to go to trial Wednesday. Crumrine asked on Monday for the jury trial. The charge is essentially a finding from an undercover video, and Dorchester County sheriff's deputies' reports that the skimpy bikinis worn by dancers and "bikini girl" waitresses exposed too much flesh during up-close dances.

The owners face a maximum $200 fine or 30 days in jail per violation. The club operates in a supermarket shopping center in Oakbrook outside Summerville.