After he threatened to shoot a neighbor and the Mount Pleasant police officers amassing outside, Richard Cathcart III dialed 911 three times during the three-hour standoff that led to his death Tuesday, according to family members.

But the 60-year-old retiree’s final words, captured in those calls, have not been made available to The Post and Courier in spite of requests. It’s not known whether the recordings reveal Cathcart’s state of mind or whether they hinted at any intent for his sparring with the authorities.

In one of his last statements that he yelled from his house on Wappetaw Place, he hollered that he just wanted the police to “go away,” according to an incident report.

Police Maj. Stan Gragg told media the day of the standoff that the State Law Enforcement Division would be responsible for the recordings’ release. SLED spokeswoman Kathryn Richardson said it was the town’s responsibility.

The town’s attorney, David Pagliarini, vowed Thursday to solve the impasse. The Post and Courier has submitted a request citing the S.C. Freedom of Information Act.

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