To provide a substantial yearly contribution to the Good Cheer Fund, the daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Seel bequeathed $500,000 of their combined estates to the charity, which receives the interest earned. This year's donation from the bequest from Mrs. William (Clara) Schirmer, Mrs. Matthew (Evie) Hertz and Miss Maud Seel comes to $5,374.

In addition, the estates of Mary Stuart, Florence E. Goodwin and the Mellichamp estate contributed $1,016 to the fund this year.

Every gift, no matter how large or small, is vitally important in making the holiday season brighter for those in need in the Lowcountry. Every cent received is donated to six local charitable organizations -- The Salvation Army, Star Gospel Mission, Lowcountry Food Bank, Association for the Blind, Catholic Charities and Carolina Youth Development Center -- which have until the end of January to distribute the funds.

There's still time to beat last year's total of $335,817.19 as contributions received by noon Thursday will be included in our final 2011 accounting on New Year's Eve. Donations received after that date will be applied toward the 2012 Good Cheer Fund.

Send tax-deductible contributions to the Good Cheer Fund, c/o The Post and Courier, 134 Columbus St., Charleston, SC 29403-4800. Donations also may be made in person or online at


The joint estate of the late Mrs. William (Clara) Schirmer, Mrs. Matthew (Evie) Hertz and Miss Maud Seel 5,374.00

The estate of Mary Stuart, the estate of Florence W. Goodwin and the Mellichamp estate 1,016.00

In honor of Mrs. K's students at Goodwin Elementary 1,000.00

In honor of Emma Larsen Lesesne and her 100th birthday from her grandchildren 50.00

In honor of George Hyams from his employees at Hyams Garden & Accent Center 380.00

Best wishes for the New Year from the Hemodialysis Staff at Roper Hospital 500.00

William and Patty Masche 25.00

Douglas and Susan Mellichamp 25.00

Paul and Shirley Yantis 200.00

In honor of Jay and West Hanckel our love forever from Mom, Kyle and Collier - 1 Cor. 13:4-13 50.00

In honor of Harold and Mary Harken from Ricky 40.00

In honor of Libby Conway the best Momma/Mama. Love, Ruthie, David, Cord and Cate 25.00

In honor of Elizabeth Lawler our dear Aunt Bet. Love, Ruthie, David, Cord and Cate 25.00

In honor of my Kitchen Witches, always there when needed! Love, Ruthie 25.00

In honor of our grandmother Sara B. Wilson. Love from Anna, Charles, Nancy and Sara 100.00

In honor of my grandchildren Brian, Riley and Carson 100.00

In honor of my brother and sister-in-law Henry and Cindy Garrison 50.00

In honor of my nephew and his family Grae, Laura, Lené, James, Brandt and Kaelyn Garrison 50.00

In honor of my nephew Shaun W. Garrison 25.00

In honor of my niece and her husband Leigh and Matthew Trotter 50.00

From Colonial Street Friends in lieu of neighborhood gifts 1,020.00

The North Charleston Chapter of Senior Citizens 25.00

Given in honor of the staff at Franke at Seaside by Ed and Peggy Rugheimer 25.00

Patrick Munroe 50.00

John Bliss 200.00

David and Louise Pool 100.00

Wilson Pierpont 50.00

Calvin and Joyce East 200.00

Martha Teichner 100.00

Mary Frances, Christopher, Wil, Ann Winston, Sim and Lucy 100.00

Dr. John and Joyce Howe 100.00

Alfred Dawson 25.00

Jack and Peg Kelly 100.00

Given by Durham School Services Dorchester 2 School District Bus Drivers, Monitors and Staff 40.00

From a former Marylander 50.00

John and Mary Jean Sullivan 100.00

Kathryn Dearhart 100.00

Mary and King 50.00

The Sauls 100.00

Bruce and Jerri 200.00

John Doose 200.00

Bill Whitfield of Diamond Heroes and Marcy Betzer of Anima Productions 500.00

In recognition of our grand nieces and nephews: Emily, Virginia Anne, Matthew and Whitmarsh from Bernie and Bubba Kennedy 50.00

Target Termite and Pest Control, Inc. 150.00

Charleston County Masonic Assn. Inc. 100.00

Woodrow and Betty Blizzard 300.00

In honor of my four grandchildren from Betty J. Miegel 50.00

Carol, Bill and DJ 100.00

Katie Ellison 100.00

In lieu of a present for Veronica Cordisco 100.00

In thanksgiving for Ella and Martha from Gammie and Papa 100.00

In honor of our friends and family Johnson & Lanning CPAs would like to give back to our community 500.00

Drayton Hall 200.00

In honor of nurses on 3rd St Luke at St. Francis Hospital 25.00

In the name of Jesus Christ who taught us to love and care for each other 200.00

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from Pain Specialists of Charleston 1,500.00

In honor of our amazing parents Stanley & Penny Wilson with love from Anna, Charles, Nancy and Sara 100.00

Tracy and Mary Ann Tindal 50.00

In honor of the great leadership and charitable culture at Carolina One Real Estate 200.00

In honor of Cindy and Leroy 100.00















Charlie Jones 400.00

Barbara and Sam Limbaker 200.00


Mary H. Callahan 100.00

Thomas Petigru Lesesne and Annie B. Lesesne 50.00

Thomas P. Lesesne III 100.00

Thomas P. Lesesne Jr., Miles Vernon Clary, Mae A. Clary, Mary Kent Dean, James L. Rogers Jr., Anne L. Pinckney and Betsy Lesesne McAdams 100.00

Jamie Richards, Robbie Johnson and Richard Tucker 50.00

Elizabeth Thompson Neal, Billie Nees Neal, Robert Neal and Robert Neal Kendall 100.00

John Walker, Julia Walker, Billy Walker and Reese Joye 20.00

Dad and Jeanne 150.00

My daddy "Wing" all my love, ME 100.00

Alice and Bill Lesesne, R.G. Widman, Maxie Phillips Jr. and Evelyn Knight from their families 225.00

Warren Harding Stutler and Eleanor Cain Stutler, always remembered 50.00

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel and Lucille Graham from your children Noami, Ida. Lorraine, Samuel, Stella, Lucille, Debra, Cecelia and Gerald, your grandchildren and other family and friends 50.00

Alex and Myrtle Schilling and David G. Graham Jr . 30.00

Our parents Joan and Ed Finnerty and sister Mary Ann Lilienthal, we love and miss you 100.00

Happy Jett, John Van Dorsten, Bobby Jones, Eric Warrer, Chuck Seithel, Steve Moore, Trey Sanders, Charlie Ratledge, Price Oulla, Ryan Staubes, Michael Rawl, Peter Beck, Billy Richardson, Joshua Rosen, Tradd Gibbons, Dirk MacDowell, Chris Spivey, Jonathan Greer, Rusty Davidson, Jason Derrick, Johnathan Capps, Lucas Smith, Brian Key and Tripp Head 25.00

Katherine Thomason, Millicent Bradsher, Julie Simonds, Burney Fair, Heidel Lentz, Leslie McCravy, Lizzy Fleming, Nancy Brown, Kate Waring and Suzanne Bailey Tobiasen 25.00

Krzysztof Baczmaga, Jon Howell and Joe Shuford III from Charleston Battery 9v9 Soccer League 511.00

John A. Bridges Jr. and Allie S. Bridges and John D. Poupalos and Stella D. Poupalos 100.00

Costa, Jerman, Tom and Harold - good friends gone 50.00

All military, past and present job well done - thank you 50.00

Steve Steinert, Bill Regan, Randall Heffron, Don Pounder, Alex Lofton, Lucas Smith, Warren Klutz, Wing Freeman, Frampton Freeman, Bob Bergman, Betty Long, Chuck Marquardt, Dick Condon, George Campsen, Ken Gillam, Pappy and Babby Locke, Ozzie and Mary Pope Freeman, Grandmama and Big Charlie Way, Mama and J.C. Long, C. Way, Albert Cory, Danny Mikell, Chuck Rhyne, Butler Dargan, Squeaky James, Kathy Miller, Nate Smith, Ray and Peggy Elam, Aunt Mary Louise, Uncle John, Uncle Lewis, Uncle Courtenay, George and Elizabeth Durst, Walter Ehrhardt, Hank Burn, Fred Johnson, Terry Cumbee, Charlie Schleppegrell, Colonel Sydney Crumpton, Barrett Lawrimore, Betty and Charlie Wannamaker, Lamar Wiley, NancyHawk, Ron Cutler, Ed Doherty, Nan Jenkins, Jeanne Smith, Adela Cook, Mary Ramsay, J. Palmer Gaillard, J. Wyman Frampton, DuPre Sassard, Moultrie Moore, Grandmarg and Jim Frampton 500.00

Descendants of Isaac Lesesne Family Reunion, Family Members lost since 2008: Rae Lesesne, Mary Louise Chandler Lesesne, Eliza Dickson Smith, Veronica Fitzpatrick Lesesne, William Brooks Tyson Jr., Betsy Lesesne McAdams, Samuel Booker Carter Jr., Martha Tyson Morris, Lana Simmons Lesesne, Julius Milton Crapps Jr., Myrtle Morris Zobel, Boyce Eugene (Gene) Crocker, Charles Lesesne Rich, James Henry Lesesne, Janet (Jan) Riotte Lesesne and Edward Eugene (Gene) Frierson Jr. 400.00

James Petigru Lesesne and Helen McCrady Lesesne 100.00

Betsy Lesesne McAdams 100.00

Perry Metts Fant by SaSa, Susie and Sally 100.00

The Ark Angels: Charles "Scrib" and Jimmy Johnson, Louie Cateau (Bartender), Little Joe Aldret, William "Grumpy" Axson, Kenny Barrineau, Mimms "Tiger" Baxley, George and Gene Behlmer, Harold Mack Bennett, Johnny Bishop, Abby and Gene Bolchoz, Buddy Bowen, Herman Bowick, J.C. Calhoun, Roy Campbell, Mink Clair, Billy Clarey, Lloyd Clayton, Willie Cochran, Dick Condon, Chris Corontzes, George Creech, Bill Cronan, Amos and Ralph Curry, John Dennis, John "Big Big"Davenport, Harold "Hack" and Pete Dupree, Frank Elliott, Bernie "Scramble Head" Frierson, Mike Galasso, Mr. Gillis, Floyd, Patty and Frank Grayson, Wayne Goss, Rhett and Allen Grooms, Archie and Reynolds "Peaches" Jenkins, Tony "Horsehead" Johnson, Harold Jones, Frank Jones, Maurice Hay, Warner Hetrick, Harold Hiott, Rudy Howell, Jake Leamond, Lou Erin, Pat "Mad Dog" Madden, Louie Mahaffey, Timmy McLaughlin, Tommy Mitchum, Charlie "Real" Moore, John Nash, Carl Nelson, Russell Nelson, Ottey Newton, Raymond "Bumpy" Nolte, Arte Orvin, Austin "Sheriff" Pauls, John Patrick, Rod Patterson, Pinky Pearson, Bernard Prox, Gary Pruitt, Berle and Cherry Pye, Dickie and Stevie Roberts, Jackie Ruff, Vernon "Scotty" Scott, Wayne Shannon, Leo Simard, Bobby Smith, Vincent "Roach" Smith, Frank "Soupy" Soubeyroux, Walter Stafford, Herby Stienberg, Nathan "Gator" Taylor, Rinky Thackery, Leon "Sweet Lee" Walsh, Billy and Curley Walton, Chuck Warthal, Larry Weaver, Richard Wertz, Frankie White, Francis White, George "Stick" Witham, Larry Worthington, and Tommy Yarborough and Lady Ark Angels: Cecile Register, Shirley Simard, Barbara Tandon and Miss Anne Snyder from The Ark Lounge 1,000.00

Fred Bailey III from Ricky 40.00

John C. Conway. Love, Sam 25.00

Henry B. Smythe, our grandfather. Love, Cord and Cate 25.00

Tigger Smythe, Our Mummy and Dandy. Love, David, Ruthie, Cord and Cate 25.00

My best little buddy, Carlton. Love, Cord 25.00

Dr. Raoul B. Conway, forever Peter Pan. Love, your sis Tink/Wendy 25.00

Dr. Raoul B. Conway my nephew and godson. Love, Aunt Bet 25.00

Rosemary and Charles Rowland. Love, Ruthie 25.00

Philip Lawler. Love, Elizabeth 25.00

Our brother and uncle Guy Smythe 25.00

Our dear grandparents Nancy and John Hawk and Roger Wilson, we miss you. Love, Sara, Nancy, Charles and Anna 300.00

Lynda McKay and Ginnie McKay Hamby 100.00

My beloved wife Julia P. Garrison (3/5/2011) 100.00

James, Nora, David, Mary, Dan, Erika, Cathy and Rich and Ann by Tom O'Shaughnessy 100.00

Harold and Louise Clements 100.00

My parents Evelyn and Tom Smith Jr. 100.00

The Molinaroli Family 50.00

A friend 25.00

Our parents George and Pauline Edwards and Oliver and Frances Rutledge 100.00

My husband Sam and my parents 100.00

My husband Marion J. Hanckel and our granddaughter Hannah Taisarsky, we miss you dearly 25.00

Our parents from Joe and Annette Mole 100.00

Daddy, Henry A. Pettersen. Love, Sonya O'Malley 25.00

My husband Frank O. Grayson 50.00

Walter L. Moring 25.00

"Happy" Warren, "Shaft" Drayton, "Charlie" Gaillard, "Fluffy" Brockinton, "Lydia" Linton and "Phoebe" Rock and "Ellie" Gaillard: Good Dogs Gone 76.89

UNIT #100 and L.F.G. 25.00

Mr. and Mrs. J. Malcolm Hipp Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. George Bellows Sr. 50.00

Effie Stier 50.00

My deceased loved ones, my "bosom buddies" and St. Jude. Thanks from Pinky Krug 18.00

Wm. Kenneth Johnson from his family 100.00

My friend Peggy Shealy from Harriet 36.00

Morrell Brown 25.00

Vic, Max, "Salty" and Sonny 50.00

Joe, Ruby and Frampton 300.00

Stono, Ashley, Bradley Pets 100.00

Loved ones from Bob and Carol Linville 50.00

Billy Clarey 25.00

Eddie Duffy 25.00

Mr. and Mrs. James Finnegan 50.00

Katie, Richard and Laura 100.00

The Rev. and Mrs. B.E. Hamilton 25.00

Our beloved sister Aimee Garcia 30.00

Loved ones 50.00

James Albert Hood 50.00

Jane White, John White, Nancy White, Jonathan Greer and Ryan Campbell 100.00

Betty Buhrmaster and Don Buhrmaster 100.00

Stewart Poulnot, John Kennedy, Butch Matz, Donna Smith and Kate Waring 100.00

Phyllis Haselden and Eleanor Doscher from Debbie and Johnny 200.00

My parents Bettye and Henry Medlock 50.00

Lifetime Friends: Jack Jenkins, Eddie Trouche, Barry Meyer and Tom Parsell from Mac Harley 100.00

Our parents Roy Dossat Sr. and S.V. and Lou Venia Robberson from Roy and Della Dossat 100.00

Our friend Myrle Glick, from your sister members of Navy Wives Clubs of America, MenRiv Park #240 100.00

Baxter, Foxie, B.B. and Sattie from Mommie and Daddy 100.00

My loving wife Alice Lucas Hutson from Harry Hutson 100.00

Daddy, Denny, Tommy, Graves and Ruth, and J. Douglas Donehue 250.00

Lucy Foster Gaillard and J. Palmer Gaillard Jr. 250.00

Mabel Boykin Proctor, Peter E. Proctor, John S. Boykin, Florence Boykin Kleckley, Dr. Arnold A. Swanson and Mary Claire Pinckney Seeger 100.00

My wonderful husband and best friend C. Frank Heape. Love, Helen 200.00

Pansy Brown 25.00

Bonny R. Parker 25.00

Tom and Nancy Morgan 100.00

Our loving sister Lyndsey Swicord Thaxton 200.00

My wife Elizabeth McCrady Lesesne McAdams 100.00

Our best friend Paul Hendrix from Keigans and Jamie 25.00

Don McIntosh 60.00

Joseph Edward Lofton 30.00

Our granddaughter Johanna Hollowell and our grandson Preston Hollowell from Sweets and Papa 100.00

My Edward 25.00

Asher Parker Johnson from Alaina, Heidi and Steven 500.00

Guy R. Smythe with love and affection from Becky and Emily 100.00

Mr. Bob Lee, Kelly Lempesis, Anne Snyder and Phyllis Sinkler with love from Becky and Emily 100.00

Dick Jones, Jack Reynolds, Evelyn Hullet, Walter Grooms, Frances Reynolds and Frances Ott 50.00

Our grandfathers John M.Slepetz and William J.Condon and our granny Gladys G.Condon from John Henry and Maggie 50.00

Our wonderful mothers Elise and Kitty 100.00

Our daddy Vance Grady with love from Lindsay and Jesse 60.00

Edward Walker, Hildreth Walker, Alicia Rhett Walker Rudolph, Jack Dillard and Emmye W. McIntire 25.00

Bill Walters, a Fighter Pilot 25.00

Ashton, Bill and Tom, Great Fathers 25.00

My great-grandparents Nona and Sam Cothran from Sam Conrad 100.00

TODAY'S TOTAL $29,421.89

PREVIOUS TOTAL $277,292.29

YEAR TO DATE $306,714.18