Man reports brush with speeding car

A Mount Pleasant man called the Mount Pleasant Police Department July 9 to report that a passing car almost hit him as he walked down Mathis Ferry Road.

The man told police that a car that was speeding ran off the road and just about hit him.

The man said that he was concerned because he was going through a divorce and said that his wife might be involved somehow, although the driver was a man.

He said that he thinks she is living with another man and that the other man could have been the driver.

He asked police not to contact his wife because it would just make things worse. There were no charges.

Suspected pot is crumbs, man says

A 19-year-old Charleston man was charged with simple possession of marijuana after reportedly driving 17 miles above the posted speed limit.

A Mount Pleasant police officer patrolling Interstate 526 after 10 p.m. July 9 spotted a Ford going 82 mph in a 65-mph zone, according to a report.

The officer stopped the car and asked the driver if he knew why he was being stopped. The driver replied that he was speeding, the report states. He reportedly told the officer that he was going about 80, though he knew the speed limit was 65.

The officer reportedly saw small pieces of green plant material on the passenger side seat. The officer asked what it was, and the driver said it was crumbs, the report states.

He was asked to get out of the car and asked what else police might find in the car. The man said there was a pipe and probably some small pieces of marijuana on the floor.

A police dog searched the car, and according to the report, found a multicolored glass pipe and some small pieces of marijuana in the center console.

The officer also found a pack of rolling papers under the rear seat.

The officer seized the items and gave the driver tickets for speeding, simple possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Woman reports bowling ball in car

A woman called Mount Pleasant police in June to report that someone apparently had thrown a bowling ball through the rear window of her car, a report states.

According to a police report, the woman said it had occurred between 1 and 6 a.m.

Nothing was missing, but the rear window was smashed, the report states.

The officer noticed that a bowling ball was sitting in the rear left seat. The officer was unable to get prints from the ball. There were no charges.

Man tells police he shouldn't drive

A man pulled over after driving erratically reportedly told Mount Pleasant police that he should not have been driving, and the officer eventually agreed.

On June 21 a Mount Pleasant police officer saw a car turn left at a high rate of speed. The car drove over a median and bottomed out, spewing sparks from the undercarriage.

According to a report, the officer turned around and stopped the driver. When asked why he was being stopped, the 28-year-old N.C. man said, "I should not have been driving. ... Should not have been driving."

The officer asked why, and the man said, "Because I have had way too much to drink."

The officer could detect an odor of alcohol coming from the man and noticed he had bloodshot eyes and spoke with slurred speech, the report states.

The man started flipping through the cards in his wallet looking for his driver's license even though it was the first thing in his wallet at that time, the report states.

The man then recognized his driver's license and handed it over.

The officer told the man that he would begin field sobriety tests, and the driver reportedly asked if he could take off his shoes. The man had difficulty taking field sobriety tests, the report states.

The officer then arrested the man on a charge of driving under the influ-ence.

When asked, the man said that he drank about eight beers while at a friend's home on Sullivan's Island. The man refused a breath test, reports say.

These news items were taken from incident reports from the Mount Pleasant Police Department.