South Carolina graduate students soon will have their choices of two in-state schools where they can earn law and business degrees in one fell swoop.

The College of Charleston and the Charleston School of Law announced last week that the dual-degree program will be offered for the first time next year. The program will allows students to get law and business degrees in 3-1/2 years.

Full-time students will spend their first two years in law school, followed by a third year at the college’s School of Business and an intensive law course in the spring.

Students also will study abroad before returning to law school to complete those requirements. To participate, students must apply separately to both schools.

“Not only is this a way for students to save money and time, but this dual-degree program will help students interested in law and business develop professional synergies that might not be apparent if they were training separately,” said Charleston School of Law Dean Andy Abrams.

“We are eager to accept high-performing law students into our MBA program and help them differentiate their credentials before they enter the job market,” added Alan T. Shao, dean of the College of Charleston School of Business.

The cost of the program was not immediately available.

The University of South Carolina also offers a joint law-business degree program in Columbia.