The Dorchester District 2 School Board unanimously agreed Monday to raise pay for substitutes who are certified teachers to $100 per day for the rest of the school year, up from $75 per day. Non- certified substitutes will still make $60 per day.

Until a budget crunch two years ago, certified subs were paid $100 per day and non- certified, $75. That was lowered to $75 and $60, respectively.

Assistant Superintendent Linda Huffman said some administrators have had a difficult time finding long-term substitutes.

"In order for us to be able to attract more certified subs, an increase until the end of the year would be appropriate," she said. She asked the board to revisit the issue next school year.

District financial officer Allyson Duke said the raise would cost the district about $100,000, but she thinks it's affordable. She said there were more than 3,000 absences from January to June last year.